Jennifer Garner’s Favorite Hair Product Keeps Her Hair ‘Strong and Vibrant’

Jennifer Garner is perhaps one of the most free-acting actresses in the industry. While her divorce from Ben Affleck attracted the attention of fans around the world, it was a very simple affair. Garner seems to like saving the drama for the camera. So what does she do in her downtime, and what results does she use to get that amazing hair? NY Mag sat down with Garner to get the answers.

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner | Photos by John Shearer / Getty

Who is Jennifer Garner?

Garner is an actor who intended to become heavily involved in chemistry. She did change her college degree to theatrics, however, and the rest of history.

Garner first came to the attention of fans when she played a supportive role in the film Pearl Harbor, where she met the man she would marry, Ben Affleck. Fans were captivated by the quiet charm and easy smile. Although she didn’t have action scenes, producers still saw potential in Garner, and she got the lead role in it Alias.

She quickly found an audience there, and was thrown in front of Ben Affleck again Devil Dare. The chemistry between the two was unnecessary, and they were later married.

Although the marriage to Affleck did not last, Garner’s career is still going strong. She has appeared in films such as Elektra, 13 Ongoing 30, and Peppermint.

What hair products does she use?


NY Mag was dying to find out what Garner is causing the buggy, especially when it comes to hair products. Her long hair is definitely one of the features that fans are familiar with for the most part, so it’s only natural to think about what kind of hair products she uses.

As it turns out, Garner doesn’t have expensive flavors. Despite being able to buy almost any product she wants, Garner tends to go with simple yet high quality items.

To style her hair along the way, Garner uses a Clarke Gold 4-Inch Reed Hairpin. This will allow her to wear her hair up without the pressure of trying to do something extra. Garner loves this hairstyle because it makes him look like she has spent a lot more time on her hair than she actually did.

Garner also uses Smoothies non-metallic Ponytail Dressers to style her hair. She told NY Mag, “My hair goes up and down anywhere from three hours an hour to three times a day. Even if one of those is already in my hair, I need one on my waist for a boyfriend or girlfriends. It’s just about being a strong woman: You always have a hair tie for a friend. ”

What else did Jennifer Garner tell NY Mag?

As it turns out, Garner has pretty much taken notes, even when she’s given a printout. Writing keeps her mind on the work while she listens, and she enjoys buying Paper Mate Flair Pens, as well as Large Hard Linen Grid Magazines to keep track of the her notes.

For blush, Garner uses Stila Convertible Color Blush, Peony. Garner loves being able to cover up without looking like a clown. Garner also reports that she only has to replace it twice a year, as she doesn’t spend as much make-up.

Garner also spends a lot of time in the kitchen. She loves to cook with iron, but hates cleaning the pans. Or she does when she doesn’t have the original Knapp Made Iron-Cast 4-Inch Scrubber, anyway. She says it cleans the wind, although it doesn’t work as well when you put down the rubbish bin.

She is also a big fan of the Barefoot Contessa, and brings with her at least one cookbook while on vacation with the kids. Garner loves that the recipes are both easy to cook and tasty. It’s also a great way to spend time with loved ones.

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