Jennifer Garner Impressed Ina Garten When She Cooked This Barefoot Contessa Recipe

Jennifer Garner did one of Ina Garten’s recipes with the Barefoot Contessa (almost) by her side. The actor gave the Food Network star a good idea by making the recipe for the first time and chewing it.

Jennifer Garner will attend the 12th annual Art of Elysium - Heaven celebration, on January 5, 2019
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Jennifer Garner went over the latest Barefoot Contessa book

It is safe to say that Garner is a Barefoot Contessa superfan. She loves Garten recipes and has cooked with her in the past, but the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has destroyed the ability to have that personal experience. So Garner went with the next best option – after Garten joined her almost for a cooking session.

But first, Garner ran over Barefoot Contessa’s latest book, Modern comfort food, sharing on social media: “@inagarten, my true lifelong friend, has written the cookbook that will fill your soul with joy and rejuvenate your relationship with quarantine cooking. : Barefoot Contessa: #ModernComfortFood. ”

She continued, “I prefer a new family in the future with every flip through its beautiful pages. Oh, and Ina moved in to cook with me and I didn’t even laugh how sad I was, as I put over my chicken breast (it was possible to erase), how unskilled it is I have done things well – you are the best, Ina, thank you for Pretend Cooking with me! Congratulations on publishing your book – it’s all we need! ”

Jennifer Garner got some help from Ina Garten

Garner decided to make a recipe because it looked like what she wanted for lunch that day: crispy chicken with lemon orzo.

The actress pointed out how she was more organized for this recipe than she is usually for throwing together her culinary show. She took her A game because she was getting Garten in as a meaningful guest.

While Garten couldn’t step in and help Garner in the kitchen in person, she had helpful suggestions when the actress got cooking, seeing how she’s the author of the cookbook.

“The canola oil and butter are good together because you get the taste of the butter and the high burning temperature of canola, which is why I mix the two of them often,” Garten said.

Interestingly, the Barefoot Contessa had to refer to her book to make sure she was giving Garner the right direction when she asked if the chicken was going to be dipped in oily skin. hot buttery side down. Garten made sure to take a pro tip when searching for the hen, explaining not to move it as “it seals the skin. ”

Garner engaged after the cooking session

Garten enjoyed Garner’s cooking skills, as she was preparing the recipe for the first time. “I can’t believe you did that! You’re just picked it up! ”Said Garten. She also enjoyed Garner making other recipes from the cookbook – milk chocolate oreo ice cream and her frozen paloma cocktail.

After blessing Garten and thanking her for stopping in almost, Garner was emotionally overwhelmed by the opportunity to cook with her famous friend.

She said it was a “dream come true” that brought Garten through the process.

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