Jenifer Lewis Opens up About Her Friendship With Whitney Houston and Working With Houston on ‘The Preacher’s Wife’

Whitney Houston’s death not only affected her lifelong fans, but also her close friends in the industry – one of whom Dubh-ish star Jenifer Lewis. The two met while filming The preacher’s wife and lasting friendships began. In a new interview, Lewis talks happily about working with Houston and their close relationship.

Jenifer Lewis and Whitney Houston
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Jenifer Lewis and Whitney Houston in ‘The Preacher’s Wife’

The preacher’s wife it is a holiday comedy drama, as well as a remake of a 1947 film The Bishop’s Wife. The film features Denzel Washington as an angel assigned to abuse a preacher and help save his family.

Courtney B. Vance appears as the preacher, with Houston as his wife. Lewis emerges as the mother of Houston.

'Preacher's Wife' Thrown
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Released in December 1996, the film raised $ 48 million at the box office. It was a scene with critics and fans. Both Houston and Lewis received praise from critics.

A. New York Times a review says of Houston, “When she’s not singing, Ms. Houston gives the same performance as she did in” The Bodyguard “and” Waiting for Exhale, “by a woman who’s firmly self-made, strong-willed, even a leader, but also fun with a sense of humor. ”

The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Music, Original Musical Score or Comedy. His parallel soundtrack is the best-selling gospel album of all time.

Jenifer Lewis talks about her relationship with Whitney Houston and her appreciation for Houston’s talent

Lewis and Houston’s connection began working together The preacher’s wife and survived to Houston’s death in 2012. In Lewis One TV Uncensored In particular, she talks about Houston ‘s talent and that it is something that she is honored to see in person.

“I was honored to sit there in that church in Yonkers when she was [Houston] singing “Help Is On The Way” and “I Love The Lord” from The preacher’s wife, ” Lewis Lewis. “Woah, I mean sitting there closing and hearing her sing the kind of music she was inspired by, the gospel, the trillions of her voice, the movements, the range, the beauty, the soul , beauty – it was a sight to behold. ”

Lewis also opens up about the time they spent together filming and seeing Houston’s transition as an actor. She tells a story about Houston ‘s insecurity as an actress and how she even had to fight Houston for not showing up to a set.

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“Twice Whitney would come over and say ‘How am I doing’ and I’d say ‘Baby, not too well,'” admits Lewis. “She was always a little nervous about her acting skills [but] she was good. ”

Lewis explains that Houston did not show up for work during a snowstorm. Lewis didn’t learn about Houston’s absence until minutes before she appeared with Houston. A humble Lewis called Houston gave her a piece of the mind.

“I said, ‘Hey, little girl, why didn’t you call? They now have to wash my hair in 10 under 0 to fix it for another look that you are not there, ”Lewis told Houston. “Little girl, Whitney, this is not a party, it’s a team effort.”

Lewis says Houston apologized and corrected his behavior moving forward.

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