Jeffree Star Has Received Countless DMs from Rappers Following Kanye West Rumors

2021 is definitely off to a strange start in the world of entertainment. Jeffree Star and Kanye West were probably the most famous rumor involved. On January 6, 2021, rumors began flying that West and his wife, Kim Kardashian West, would soon split up as West was engaged in a romantic and sexual relationship with beauty influencer, Jeffree Star.

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But how did these rumors come about? Fans of Star and Kanye have traced the rumors back to a TikTok video that claimed Kanye had been seeing a famous, male beauty influencer for a long time and that it was a common experience in the industry . After a short time, people started to realize that Star was the influencer because he also lives in Wyoming.

Jeffree Star was described as’ spoiled ‘by Kourtney Kardashians’ son, Mason Disick

Of course, this isn’t the first time Star has found himself in new headlines in association with a member of the Kardashian family. Back in April of 2020, Kourtney Kardashian ‘s eldest son, Mason Disick made headlines when he called Star Damaged. Instead of dismissing the views of the 10-year-old at the time, Star shared that Disick was upset about his own welfare and hoped his father would explain it. two.

In fact, the Kanye Star rumors gained much more publicity than their mini-fight with Disick. First, the influencer chose to make sport of the rumors. He printed a glam picture of himself with the caption, “I’m Ready for Sunday Service,” which is a nod to Kanye-led evangelical choir. Eventually, however, the beauty guru chose to completely disregard the rumors.

The YouTuber denies sleeping with Kanye West

Using the YouTube platform wisely, Star denied all rumors that he was sleeping with Kanye while also benefiting from public curiosity. In a video titled “Dealing with Kanye’s situation,” Star walked viewers through how he came to learn about the rumors.

“I woke up and my phone was ringing, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, what’s in the scandal going on today? ‘”A star was staring at him video. “Honestly I had no idea, right. I keep to myself, I live in this beautiful state, I love life. “He went on to say that he was crushed by phone calls and text messages from dying news outlets to find out if there was any truth to the rumors.

The makeup guru was shocked by the drama Kanye West

Star continued to share her preferences for men. “Let me say this once for any news round, I like very loud men,” he said. “Kanye and I have never been out and it’s really funny. So I guess this is the start of my New Year, then Happy New Year … I really can’t and if Kris Jenner were to lead this whole thing, sweet New Year’s girl . ”

The beauty guru said he never slept with Kanye and was single right now. But just because Star has rejected all claims does not mean that the rumor mill is still not flowing. Moreover, even the idea that he slept with Kanye has sparked interest from other rappers. In fact, Star has recently taken its share Twitter again to tell fans about the many rappers that are slipping into his DMs.

Star has received DMs from other rappers on Twitter and Instagram

“I definitely don’t sleep with Kanye, but there are so many rappers in my DMs wilddddd bi * ch,” wrote Star. “Time to make a successful song in bed.” Clearly, Star isn’t letting the rumors get it down. It will be interesting to see if anything comes out of those DMs that are said to have got it.

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