Jeffree Star Finally Addresses the Rumors That He’s Dating Kanye West and Gives the Full Story

This is one of the weirdest weeks in pop culture in a while. Initially, reports began to emerge that Kim Kardashian West and rapper Kanye West were headed for a divorce. That, in itself, wasn’t as much of a surprise with the drama they went through in 2020. But then rumors began to surface that Kanye was tying in makeup maker Jeffree Star. Now, Star has responded to the rumors.

Jeffree star
Jeffree Star Rosdiana Ciaravolo / Getty Images

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s upcoming separation

Kim and Kanye had a rough 2020 in which Kanye posted his wife on Twitter again. In deleted tweets, he even revealed that he had been trying to separate her for a long time. After a Twitter storm, Kim released a statement, crediting the uprising to Kanye’s bipolar disorder.

For a while, the pair appeared to have been repaired and are even in a couple counseling.

“Kim and Kanye are in counseling and exploring their options,” a recently reported source said People. “They have been working on their marriage for a long time, but no decision has been made. ”

But according to reports, the counseling has not worked and Kanye knows that Kim is preparing to file for divorce.

“Let me say this once for any news round, I like very loud men. Kanye and I never hung out and it’s absolutely funny, ”he said in the video. “So I believe if this is the start of my New Year, then Happy New Year … I really can’t and if Kris Jenner were to lead this whole thing, sweet girl of the Year ‘ Soil. ”

Before moving on to talk about his usual beauty content, Star made sure to address the rumors directly.

“Jeffree Star is single and I have never slept with Kanye,” he said.

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