Jeff Mauro Earned Less Than $5 an Hour Working His Very First Job

Jeff Mauro is a man of many talents – he is a renowned chef, entrepreneur, star of many TV shows on the Food Network, and a spokesman for brands such as Subway. Mauro has been in the spotlight for a decade, and thanks to the success he’s achieved so far, it looks like he has many more years of television stardom ahead of him. Unlike many famous chefs, Mauro comes from the very beginning of a working class, and had to work long and hard to get it to where it is today.

Jeff Mauro’s humble beginning

Jeff Mauro
Jeff Mauro | Images of Monica Schipper / Getty for NYCWFF

Mauro was born in Chicago in 1978. As a child, Mauro spent many days in the kitchen, laying the foundation for the talent that would end up carrying him long. He was also drawn to acting and performance and appeared in several school productions and theater performances as a young man.

Mauro always displayed a strong work ethic, and it was reported that his first job working at a local butcher shop. At the store, Mauro made $ 3.62 an hour – a pretty good salary for the ’90s!

After graduating from high school, Mauro attended Bradley University School of Communication. While the acting beast was still alive and well, Mauro decided to open a deli with his cousin, while engaging in stage productions in the evening.

Deciding that he needed to advance his culinary knowledge to achieve his goals, Mauro enrolled in culinary school, diving into the restaurant business.

How did Jeff Mauro become a Food Network star?

Mauro was passionate about getting a job that combined his love of food with his interest in performing and being on camera. He decided to experiment for the Food Network, but was unsuccessful at first.

In fact, it bombed the first three trials for the popular cooking competition show Food Network Star. It was not until his fourth test that Mauro succeeded in gaining a place as a competitor.

The rest is history – Mauro went on to shower the show, with viewers drawn to his progressive, vibrant personality. He also confirmed his place on the show, creating a variety of sandwiches, and eventually winning the title of “Sandwich King.”

Mauro went on until his season of Food Network Star and was launched to fame on the network, appearing in several other television programs.

What has Jeff Mauro been up to lately?

Following his success in winning the Food Network Star, Mauro went on to host two of his own shows on the network: King of Sandwich and $ 24 in 24.

In 2014, Mauro was brought forward to host an ensemble culinary show The Kitchen, along with other renowned chefs Katie Lee, Sunny Anderson, Marcela Valladolid, and Geoffrey Zakarian. The show has been a huge success with viewers, with many of them stepping in to capture Mauro’s humorous interactions with his fellow guests, as well as the culinary tips and tricks that have been on display. give.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mauro has yet to find ways to keep himself busy. He is, along with his The Kitchen co-guests, having hosted events of The Kitchen from their homes. While those moments tend to be as awkward as the usual moments in the show, fans still get enough to love them, and have especially shown love for Mauro’s young son, Lorenzo, helps him in the kitchen.

For Jeff Mauro, a unique person – like chef, pandemic is just another lump in the road.

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