Jean Trebek Makes Her First Emotional Social Media Post Following Alex Trebek’s Death

Trebek’s family, friends and fans are on the morning after Alex Trebek’s death. After a year and a half battling pancreatic cancer, Trebek died on November 8 at the age of 80. His game show Jeopardy He paid homage to his program on November 9 and plans to record the 35 events he recorded before his death. On November 11, Jean Trebek, Alex’s wife, shared a message on her Instagram account.

Jean Trebek shared her wedding photo with Alex

You can see Jean and Alex Trebek ‘s wedding photo on Jean’ s Instagram account. The photo shows Alex putting the ring on Jean’s finger on their wedding day. Jean added his gratitude to the support of the fans during Alex’s illness.

Alex Trebek and Jean Trebek
Alex Trebek and Jean Trebek Michael Kovac / Getty Photos for AFI

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“It is our motto at all of this through good sharing,” Jean wrote. “If Alex has a short time, if he’s tired after a chemo session, I can look for good. I can share what is good in our lives and in the lives of others. How people care about and love each other. ”

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