Jamie Lynn Spears Was ‘Forced’ to Audition For ‘Twilight’

Jamie Lynn Spears is much more than the baby sister of the world pop princess. Although there was a time when sis Britney was the most famous of celebrities, and it seems that she now describes herself as a mother and wife, she once had a very successful career in Hollywood. , like anyone who watched Nickelodeon in the 2000s will remember.

Suddenly, Spears became pregnant and fell out of business for a while at the height of her fame, but she recently revealed how famous she could have been if her life had not been on that issue. to do.

How did Jamie Lynn Spears become famous?

SPEARS JAMIE LYNN LA / Disney Channel Image Group via Getty Images

Spears was famous for co-op from a very young age, when her sister Britney basically became the most famous person on Earth in 1998. Because she was surrounded by Hollywood glamor, it was not expected when so -Spears closed that way to get into the obvious itself.

She chose, however, a different path to that of her pop star sister; she decided to become an actress instead of getting into singing.

Spears first rose to fame by appearing on Nickelodeon’s popular skit show for children, That’s all when she was only 11 years old. She played a character named Thelma Stump, an old woman who also happened to be a bodyguard – who she co-created with Britney.

It immediately became clear that star quality is running in the Spears genes, and audiences saw Spears hilarious. After two seasons on That’s all, Nickelodeon reserved it for its own sit-com, called Zooey 101.

The show first debuted in 2005, and ran for four seasons until an unexpected Spears event took to the show – and Hollywood.

The incredible life event that forced Spears to leave Hollywood

In 2008, Spears received unexpected news: at 16, she was pregnant with her boyfriend, Casey Aldridge. Her Louisiana values ​​permeated her life in Hollywood, and she decided to step away from her acting career to go home to Louisiana and raise her child.

That baby, Maddie Briann, is now 12 years old, and Spears has had another baby ever since: Ivey Joan, who is 2 years old. Spears married Ivey’s father, Jamie Watson, in 2014.

While Spears has been out of the majority ever since (well, as good as he can be Britney Spears ’sister), she’s been back lately; she and her co-stars were filming a skit for That’s all in July, and a Zooey relocation has already been confirmed.

Spears could have been in ‘Twilight’ if she hadn’t gotten pregnant

Spears recently interviewed him Nylon magazine, where she talked about the revival as well as the updated theme song created with her sister.

She said that while she does not regret giving birth to Maddie and stepping away from the scene so that she could raise her family with a normal feeling, she sometimes wonders about what might have happened. would have happened in the course of life if things had happened differently.

Spears revealed that she was actually hearing for a film that could have been launched very high as an actress: the Evening series. Apparently, however, the trial was against her will. “They had to push me. Force me. I just remember thinking like, ‘Y’all is crazy. I don’t play a vampire. That’s so silly. Why would I do that? ‘But I went and read for that post,’ she told the magazine.

She remembered that she had embarrassed you in the exam room; at the time, she did not yet know she was pregnant. Things turned out differently for Spears than any of us expected, but we are so excited to get them back!

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