Jamie Foxx Got So Mad at LL Cool J On Set Their Brawl Was Broken Up by Police

What makes a great sports movie? Above all else, it has to feel real. There is nothing worse than a film showing professional sports that don’t look or feel real. It was one of the most authentic football movies ever made Any Sunday given. The film, which featured a good star team and director, felt like the real article. He even caught one fight between two players (played by LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx) that happened in real life. Here is the story of how those two fought and where they stand now.

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What was the plot of ‘Any Given Sunday’?

Any Sunday given director Oliver Stone’s controversial effort in showing the seedy underbelly of professional sports and especially professional football. The film is an ensemble based around a former football coach played by Al Pacino. Pacino was almost the only headliner in the throw, however; it was also inclusive. Dennis Quaid appeared as an aging quarterback battling his career and Cameron Diaz emerged as the owner of the team trying to break his way into a property club that boys for fun.

Foxx played the quarterback a new upstart star. The film also featured James Woods and Matthew Modine as team doctors, and Rapper LL Cool J as another player on the team. The team also included real NFL players Lawrence Taylor and Jim Brown as linebackers and defensive coordinators, respectively. It was certainly a team full of stars, but not all of them succeeded.

The story behind the fight of Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J.

In a Vanity Fair a piece on the famous Hollywood controversies, one of the fights listed between Foxx and LL Cool J is on the set of this movie. In oral history of the film appears on it The Ringer, film cinematographer Sal Totino described his view of the fight, which began after Foxx allegedly found out that LL Cool J was becoming too physical with:

“LL likes, ‘I’m improving. ‘Jamie likes,’ Well, if you’re going to do improv, let me know if you’re going to hit me. ‘We came back to burn their backs. What does LL do? It hits Jamie. What does Jamie do? F *** ing beats it back. Al Pacino is in the middle of the scene working, I don’t know if a real fight is going over his head. ”

The thinking of Al Pacino, one of the greatest film actors in history, trying to break a fight is almost unbelievable. Eventually, the Miami-Dade Police were involved in spreading the situation, according to MTV. To be fair to both, their positions were pitted against each other. According to Pacino, this is part of what led to ruckus:

“They are young actors. I think they started as a mirror of their roles in the film, against each other. I think he gave it over. ”

Are Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J still joking?

Although the pair ‘s working relationship began early, it has a happy ending. MTV they were arrested by Foxx in 2006, and both have apparently been allowed to sublet. They have even collaborated musically. According to Foxx, it has become a case of two matures:

“… We looked at each other like, ‘Why were we spending all this time? Let’s get together and make some music, make movies. ‘… So we started talking about that, we did a record or two together. When you have grown up, you do not have time for all that [beefing]. When you’re young, it’s cool to have your feelings on your chest. But we have grown now. “

It’s good to hear that the two are putting their enemies earlier. However, it’s hard not to think that the fight helped make their sex in the movie feel more real. At the time, they didn’t work the way they hated each other – they really did.

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