James Brown’s Daughter Detailed Tragic Parts of Her Father’s Dark Side

James Brown died in 2006, but his influence lives on today. Renowned dancer, singer and musician relied on songs such as “Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud” and “Get Up Offa That Thing,” and there is a widespread belief in making funk music popular with mainstream audiences.

Brown, known as “Soul Brother No. 1 ”in his life. However, according to his daughter’s recollection, the singer had a number of major problems, including alleged abuse and a terrible temper.

James Brown had a troubled childhood

James Brown performing at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1968.
James Brown Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Brown was he was born in South Carolina in 1933. He lived in abject poverty as a child, with his family moving to Georgia while Brown was still a child.

In Augusta, Georgia, Brown and his family lived with relatives while they struggled to get to their feet. Brown’s mother moved to New York when he was very young, leaving her son alone. He had a hard time living in school, doing whatever he could to earn a little extra money.

As a young teenager, Brown began playing in talent contests and shows, learning to play multiple instruments. However, he did not appear to be living out of trouble and even made time in prison for theft. While out on parole, Brown joined a evangelical music group and began performing at larger events and gatherings.

By the late 50s, Brown had begun to gain a reputation. However, it was not until the sixties that Brown became a superstitious man, known throughout the world for his terrifying on-stage personality and brilliant dance moves.

How many times was James Brown married?

Just as Brown’s professional life prospered, so did his personal life. In all, Brown was married four times.

His first marriage was to Velma Warren. They tied the knot in 1953 and greeted three children before separating in 1969.

After his marriage to Warren dissolved, Brown married Deidre Jenkins. Brown and Jenkins had two daughters, but they separated in 1979.

Brown had his third marriage to Adrienne Lois Rodriguez. They married in 1984, and over the years, their relationship made many headlines, with rumors of domestic abuse suddenly running high. Rodriguez died in 1996, but Brown went on to find love again.

In 2002, he married Tomi Rae Hynie. Brown had many children from his relationships, more than nine reported to have formally recognized him.

James Brown’s daughter explained her father’s dark side

Certainly, Brown had many complex relationships in his life, including those he had with his children. One of Brown’s daughters, Yamma Brown, wrote a memoir recently where she opened up about the environment in which she grew up.

She explained how, as a child, she would often hear her father abuse her mother. “The beats always start the same way, with the same awful sounds,” she wrote. “My parents are in their bedroom, behind closed doors. First comes the raising of my father’s voice. ‘Dee Dee! Goddamn e, Dee Dee! ‘Then I hear what sounds like thunder going through the house. That’s Mum hitting the wall. ”

Yamma Brown said she could feel the house “shaking with rage” when her father was angry. “As much as I loved my father, and I loved him, I hated him at those times,” she wrote.

She revealed that although her father never hit her, the dissertation stood to see her abuse her mother all her life. In fact, she went on to marry a man who was in many ways similar to her father – and who was only able to become extinct after years of abuse.

For James Brown fans, his legacy is fun and musical – but for children, it ‘s something so exciting.

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