Jameela Jamil Says She Would Be So Rich and Resting on Her ‘Million Dollar Bed’ if She Sold Laxatives

The good place star Jameela Jamil often makes headlines for her criticism of other celebrities on social media. She was recently involved in Kim Kardashian West’s birthday drama, although she had nothing to do with it. Jamil is sometimes referred to as “the most controversial person” on the internet. However, she refuses to sell certain products, even though she says they would make millions for her.

Jameela Jamil from 'The Good Place'
‘The Good Place’ star Jameela Jamil | Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

Jameela Jamil says being an activist is not easy

Since Jamil’s prestigious status, she uses her platform to advocate for many important reasons. The actor said InStyle is not what she makes easy at a Halloween party in 2019.

“Do you have any idea how rich I would be if I sold laxatives?” Jamil said to the rebel. “Oh my God, you would all light a fire, and I would rest on my million dollar bed. The amount of money I don’t get because I’m so careful not to work with troubled brands. ”

James Blake and Jameela Jamil
James Blake and Jameela Jamil Crotty / Patrick McMullan through Getty Images

“I thought I was feminizing,” Jamil said during the talk show. “I’m this slut-shaming, female asshole.”

The actress realized that all the pain she was inflicting on other women was the result of a 22-year-old sexual assault. Instead of confronting her rapist, she admitted that she would be angry with women who were sexually explicit. She feels that her comments from women helped her to grow and mature.

“People are changing! People can grow, ”said Jamil. “That’s why I didn’t remove myself from the society despite being asked on Twitter, and I understand. But the reason I don’t want to want to be that proof is that people can free themselves. “

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