Jaden Smith and Daniel Radcliffe Used the Same Trick for Outsmarting the Paparazzi

Jaden Smith never knew life outside of attention. Even before he made the decision to pursue acting and music, Smith was gaining attention thanks to his famous parents. The son of two highly successful actors, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden has been the subject of public conversation for the most part of his life. But just because The Karate Kid a star is used to being in the public eye that doesn’t mean it is always popular.

Conclusion Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith | Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Like many celebrities, Jaden doesn’t follow much of the paparazzi. While he understands that taking his photograph comes with the land being famous, he does not like to take his photograph every time he leaves the. house. To fight against all pictures, Jaden made the wise decision to wear a lot of repetitive clothes so that the paparazzi photos lose their value and, in some cases, even grow. impossible.

Jaden Smith decided to dress again to go over the paparazzi

“This is my 100th time wearing these pants,” Jaden said in an interview with Complex. “This is my 70th time with this shirt. And this is my 300th time wearing these shoes. Since I know people are going to take pictures of me, I know if I have the same thing every day they won’t advertise it. It’s like doing an interview and saying the same thing every time. Eventually, people are going to stop using it. So I will try to spend the same as much as possible. “

Jaden continued to share that he can turn things up for special occasions which will give fans a real factor. “There are special times, like the Grammys, when I decide to wear pants that I haven’t worn in a while or just make something like a new jacket,” the actor said. “If I want to surprise the world I will do something. I have a new collection coming out soon and many of the shirts are going to surprise people. ”

Daniel Radcliffe used the same tactics before the star of ‘The Karate Kid’

Of course, Jaden was not the first celebrity to once again put an outdoor outfit on the outside of the paparazzi. Daniel Radcliffe also uses a similar technique when filming the Harry Potter movies. Since the paparazzi were attacking him every day, he also decided to wear the same clothes so that the pictures taken of him would not be unpublished.

“I used to wear the same clothes every time with different T-shirts underneath. But I would wear the same jacket and zip it up so they wouldn’t see what I was wearing underneath, and the same hat, ”the Harry Potter alum was shared in an interview with Jay Leno back in 2007, a full decade before Jaden started using a similar device. “So they could take pictures for six months but it would be like the same day. They became unpublished, which was very funny because there is nothing better than seeing the paparazzi feel horrible. ”

Clearly, Jaden and Radcliffe found a clever way to deal with the paparazzi. It will be interesting to see if other celebrities adopt a similar device in the future.

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