Jackie Kennedy Fired Her Chef for Sharing Recipes With Weight Watchers

Jackie Kennedy was known for her timeless style and grace. She kept a special image of herself for the public, and she stood by that image until her death. While soft and soft, it also protected her image.

She fired at her personal chef for sharing recipes with Weight Watchers.

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Jackie Kennedy was very careful about her appearance

During her time in the White House, and beyond, Kennedy was particularly concerned about her image and appearance. Although Newports was the first woman to smoke, she was careful not to be photographed smoking. according to FirstLadies.org, she banned staff from taking pictures of smoking.

After the death of John F. Kennedy, she was even more meticulous about protecting herself and her young children from the scene.

Chef Jackie Kennedy Annemarie Huste shared her recipes with Weight Watchers

With such a public life, Kennedy was very immune to certain details of her life, and did her best to stay out of the tabloids. However, in 1968, she got out of sight again when Weight Watchers Magazine published an article entitled, “Jackour Kennedy’s gourmet chef showcases the recipes of the weight watchers.”

An editor for the magazine met Canadian personal chef Annemarie Huste at a ski weekend and asked her to share some of her recipes. Huste agreed but begged the magazine not to mention her employer. In fact, she had signed to the NDA two years earlier when she started working for Kennedy.

But, Weight Watchers the magazine did not notice Huste’s application publishing its recipes for lemon broiled chicken, Spanish melon, l’orange raspberries, bakte tomatoes, and Bibb salad. The magazine’s editor then said, “Mrs. Kennedy was not even mentioned in the article. “That was true, but it was a drawing of the article since its name was in the title.

Jackie Kennedy shot Annemarie Huste over the drama Weight Watchers

Although Huste was horrified because the Weight Watchers The editor of the magazine had contacted her and she has kept her own legal advice, her apology to the first woman was not enough to keep her job.

“I was so humble and angry. I called my lawyer and he just told me to apologize to Mrs Kennedy, ”she told a reporter through Town & Country. Kennedy’s response was “You should know better. ”However, Kennedy did not immediately fire Huste, that came later after the philanthropist saw the article in all its glory.

Weight watcherHe said Hauste ‘s recipes had helped Kennedy to cut down on two sizes of dressing. “It was all made up, and I was scared to death,” the chef told the media. Huste immediately named Nancy Tuckerman, Kennedy ‘s secretary, who told Huste, “Under the circumstances, Mrs Kennedy felt you had better not come back to work. ”

In the end, Kennedy felt that Huste was too ambitious. However, the chef finally wrote his own cookbook in 1968 with the title, Annemarie’s personal cookbook. The book included a loin lamb chops recipe with salt, pepper, and lemon. Huste also wrote about working for a little boy – John F. Kennedy Jr. – who loved artichokes.

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