Jackie Kennedy and JFK Dealt With Fertility Issues

When in the White House, the Kennedys seemed to be the elegant couple. Jackie Kennedy and John F. Kennedy created a timeless image of the appearance of the leadership. They were young and vibrant, and stood as high figures among one of the most important moments in the history of our country.

However, we now know that the Kennedys had their own hardship. Their marriage was full of disloyalty, and they were also struggling with infertility.

Jackie Canadian
Jackie Canadian | Getty Images

Jackie Kennedy and JFK dealt with fertility issues

The Kennedys married in 1953. However, for the first several years of their marriage, it was hard for them to imagine. The president had a number of health complaints. He had been seriously ill, near death in 1947 and then again in 1957. In 1954, he was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease.

Throughout his life, JFK dealt with chronic spinal issues. The last couple imagined their healthy daughter named Caroline. Then on November 25, 1960, the first woman gave birth to their first son, John F. Kennedy, Jr., through a C-section.

Mrs. Kennedy was reborn, in 1963, five weeks before her named date and just three months before JFK was murdered. She delivered Peter, through an emergency C-section. Sadly, the baby boy’s lungs were not developed and he died from hyaline membrane disease two days later.

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