Jack Nicholson Made Anjelica Huston Sob for ‘Three Days Straight’ Following a Rude Comment About Their Relationship

Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston were in a rock relationship for 17 years. And while the actors shared surprisingly romantic moments, Huston admits she was “often left in tears” throughout the courtship.

But one of the worst events in their relationship involved an inconsistent comment from Nicolson that left Huston courting for three straight days.

Jack Nicolson with Anjelica Huston
Jack MacNeacail by Anjelica Huston | LIFE Photo Collection through Getty Images

Jack Nicolson says Anjelica Huston is the love of his life

The talented actors shared one of the most exciting relationships in Hollywood. Nicolson would often shower Huston with wonderful gifts that left her charmed. Most famously, he gave her a diamond-and-pearl bracelet that Frank Sinatra once gave to Ava Gardner. And accordingly InStyle, Nicolson reportedly bought an elephant for Huston because she had previously shown her love for the creatures.

Jack MacNeacail & Anjelica Huston
American actors Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston in 1975 | Fotos International Images / Getty

Years after their break-up, the two reunited as they played together in the 1995 film, The Guard of the Cross. Meanwhile, Huston played the role of his former wife. And while she admits it was weird at first for both of them, it ended on a beautiful note.

The New York Post reports that the former couple went out for lunch on the final day of filming. At lunchtime, Nicolson said, ‘You and I, Toots – we look like Love in a time of cholera. ”

Huston says this is the best compliment he could give, as “This is one of my favorite books, by one of my favorite authors, on one of my favorite subjects. leam – hopeless, lasting love. ”

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