Is ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Real or Scripted?

TLC is a network known for hosting reality shows, often controversial. With displays such as 17 Children and Counting, Infants & Tiaras, and Here comes Honey Boo Boo, TLC often offers fare that makes headlines and causes viewers to debate each other wildly.

However, one of the latest shows to appear on TLC could be considered one of their rarest programs. Welcome to Plathville first on TLC in late 2019, and with the first run of the second season recently, more viewers are getting to know the Plath family, a conservation group that has defined their own rules in their lives.

What is ‘Welcome to Plathville’ about?

Welcome to Plathville
The Plath family from ‘Welcome to Plathville’ | TLC

Many TLC viewers remember 17 Children and counting, a series which marked the life of a very conservative family. Welcome to Plathville it is similar to that presentation in many ways.

The show focuses on the large Plath family: Barry and Kim’s parents, as well as their nine children. The Christian home education family is based in rural Georgia and follows a very strict lifestyle.

Plath’s parents do not allow any, including soda, sweets or television shows. according to TLC website, Plath ‘s children never had soda, they don’t know who Spiderman or Tom Brady are and they never watched TV. ”

The first season of Welcome to Plathville focusing specifically on the whole family, and on how they deal with criticism from outsiders. However, by the end of the second season in November 2020, many of the older children in the Plath family had begun to break away from the wiser family members.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ has caused controversy

In 2018, one of Plath’s oldest children, Ethan Plath, married a woman named Olivia Plath. A much more interesting woman than most in the Plath family, Olivia Plath seems to have split up in the ranks.

Plath has admitted that she does not share many of the values ​​of her laws and that she often feels “under the control” of her mother-in-law. In addition, Barry and Kim Plath have been open about how they disagree with their daughter-in-law’s lifestyle, and that she has “character issues.”

The second season of Welcome to Plathville also explained how several of Plath’s children, Micah and Moriah, rebelled against the family’s traditional values, and their parents eventually asked them to leave the family home. For this ultra-conservative family, there seems to be a lot more than meets the eye – and as a recent report by Draw attention details, not many fans will buy the basics of the series.

Is ‘Welcome to Plathville’ a real show?

according to Draw attention, there are a number of viewers who do not believe that the family is as small unnoticed as they appear on screen. In fact, a few have said that the show is designed entirely for money, and it is written: “They should be good Christians, their children cannot use electronics, Christian music except, they can’t go anywhere, domestic, sugar-free etc., ”said one fan. “How are the children so normal? Still need phones? ”

In addition, some building records in the area appear to indicate that the Plath family home is listed on Airbnb as a holiday rental, while other records indicate that Barry and Kim bought Plath a recent home down the street from a variety of fast food restaurants. Many viewers have profited that the family is only involved in the filming of the show for financial reasons and that it is very likely that they are not as conservative as the image they like to represent.

Whatever the truth of the series, it will no doubt come to light as performers continue to film new seasons.

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