Is Lil Nas X Dating James Charles?

Fans like to think about the love life of celebrities. Often, enough smoke marks the fire. At other times, fans seem to have just captured a real romance that the people involved were trying to keep under the radar. This was the case when rumors began to flow through about the now confirmed love relationship of Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith.

However, other relationship rumors are just rooted in the hopes and dreams of their own fans as they put romances between stars they want. When Lil Nas X appeared in a collaboration video with James Charles, rumors were in full force that the couple was a thing of the past.

Sure, collaborations have been at the forefront of some relationships in the past, but it could also be just two artists finding their professional groove together. What is it?

Lil Nas X has tried to maintain his secrecy

Lil Nas X will be attending the 2019 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 24, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
Lil Nas X | Rich images Fury / Getty

Lil Nas X really exploded the world of music with the hugely popular and popular “Old Town Road”. The unique combination of hip hop and country was perfect for a meme-happy culture, and Lil Nas X was able to see great success from the start as something of a joke.

The song has certainly been a highlight of his mainstream career, but Lil Nas X has a successful presence on social media. It’s no secret that he used to run Nicki Minaj’s stan account, but as his reputation grew, it seemed like he would take a step back – publicly at least – from that job.

Minaj’s fans, however, still suspected he had continued under a slightly different name, and seemed to admit to not owning.

Lil Nas X had intended to keep his sex private

Charles has gained a reputation for his work as a beauty conqueror. He and Lil Nas X collaborated in a video released on November 17 on Charles’ YouTube page.

The pair found a very personal pair in the conversation with Lil Nas X admitting that coming out was scary: “It was scary as hell, not knowing what was on the other side.” In fact, Charles revamped Lil Nas X with a chrome silhouette.

As the world tumbled in (the video has been viewed nearly 8 million times, at the time of release), whistles began that the pair were receding. Lil Nas X quickly shut them down by using Twitter again to recapture the rampant rumors about his life. “Two men can do things together without having sex with him,” he said.

Of course, there are plenty of people who work together without any romantic connections, and there is nothing to suggest that this collaboration was anything more than an opportunity for two professionals to be sharing about their crafts – and helping to build each other’s audiences.

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