Is Karlie Kloss Jewish?

Model Karlie Kloss has been in the public eye ever since the teen was discovered. The star, who is from St. Louis, has been best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret, her coding company Kode with Klossy, and of course, her relationship with Taylor Swift. But one of the things people mention when discussing Kloss is her relationship with Josh Kushner, brother of Trump Administration adviser Jared Kushner.

Karlie Kloss
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Hollywood Reporter note that Kloss and Kushner started dating back in 2012 and got engaged and married in 2018. While their relationship is kept very private, Kloss has opened out about one thing she did during her time with Kushner and this relates to her Jewish faith.

Did Kloss turn?

Kloss converted to Judaism in June 2018, according to Page six. The model also maintains kosher, the source of the published publication, which is a Jewish guide to eating. Following a kosher diet often means not eating meat and milk together, and avoiding food items such as shellfish and pork. Kloss hasn’t been too careful about being kosher, but she’s talked about her change.

What Kloss has to say about Judaism

While Kloss has been adamant about her adherence to religion before becoming friends with Kushner, she has been vocal about her experience of conversion and what it means for her to become a believer. -New Jewish.

“Changing part of who you are for someone else sees it as weak,” Kloss said Vogue UK in 2019. “But you know what? Honestly, if you have been through what I have experienced, it must be anything but weak. It makes me stronger and more self-loving and resilient. I did not take this lightly. ”

Kloss also said that turning to Judaism was not just something she did for her friendship. She did that for herself too.

“It wasn’t enough just to like Josh and make this decision for him,” Kloss said. “This is my life and I am an independent, strong woman. It was only after many years of studying and talking with my family and friends and my soul that I made the decision to embrace Judaism in my life and start planning for a future with the man. I chose to marry. ”

Kloss also applies other Jewish traditions in her usual way

In addition to converting to Judaism and reportedly following a kosher diet, Kloss also says she observes Shabbat, the Jewish weekly day of rest.

“Some people get a foundation through reflection,” Kloss continued her conversation with Vogue UK. “Some get it through exercise. And for each of them, but for me, Shabbat has brought so much meaning into my life. It helps me reconnect with the world. “

With the year that everyone has had, we can only hope that Kloss Shabbat ‘s weekly tradition has helped her to feel more relaxed and relaxed in a time that has been missed. be a shock to many.

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