Is Jennifer Lopez’s Butt Really Insured for $27 Million?

Most celebrities are worth millions of dollars, so it makes sense that they would take out left and right insurance policies to insure their product just in case disasters hit. What we don’t think about, however, is what that “product” includes; sometimes, it includes the “cashiers”.

Hey, talent is good, but this is not the only thing celebrities need to be successful – they need the good looks too. Jennifer Lopez is one celebrity who is said to have insured body parts. Was she really insuring her lump for millions of dollars?

Jennifer Lopez is a quadrilateral threat

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez | Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Lopez, referred to by fans as J.Lo, is one of the most famous superstitions in the world. She is a quadrilateral threat and has proven her talent in acting, singing, dancing, and design. She’s been in the big years now, but she’s not going anywhere anytime soon; Jenny from the Block is unstable.

Lopez first rose to prominence when she starred as Tejana singer Selena Quintanilla in her 1997 biopic, Selena. You’d think anyone who tried to paint La Reina de Tex-Mex would fall short to the brightness of the late singer, but Lopez was shining in the post.

She was soon picked up to star in other films from action movies (Anaconda) to rom-coms (The wedding designer), and released her debut album, ‘On the 6’, in 1999. The album was hugely popular and included singles such as ‘If You Had My Love’ and ‘Waiting’. For Tonight ‘.

These days, Lopez is just as unassuming as ever, and she looks even more toned and beautiful in the 50s than she did in her 20s. She showed off her toned physique earlier this year in a half-time performance at the Super Bowl, where she played in skinny tights with other Latino artists like Shakira and Bad Bunny.

Did Lopez really get insurance?

While Kim Kardashian West often gets credit for enjoying the putt, Lopez has been holding on to her curves for much longer. In fact, she’s been famous for her back, which makes the rumor about insuring her leg. So did she really get insurance for her lump sum for $ 27 million?

Although that rumor went on for several years, Lopez denied that it was popular with James Corden. Karaoke Carpool, According to BestLife. She told the magical guest: “There is no such thing.”

She doesn’t seem bothered by the rumor, though, and found a way to laugh about it. She mocked the show about what the point of such an insurance policy would be. “Something is happening to him? Will it disappear? Someone stealing it? ”She asked astronomically.

The final answer: No, Lopez is not insured for any lump sum, much less than $ 27 million.

Famous people who have body parts are insured

The rumor is not so subtle; some celebrities seem to have opted to get insurance on their precious and beautiful body parts! Her famous balloon Dolly Parton is insured for $ 300,000 per head; Former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison has acquired the same body part for $ 1 million. We believe that that makes sense; these women are known, in part, for their breasts. Julia Roberts has reportedly received her $ 1 million smile for $ 30 million.

Some artists have insured their bodies because of their ability to make music rather than because of their beauty. For example, the Rolling Stones guitar branch Keith Richards is insured for $ 1.6 million, and rock-and-roller vocal strings Bruce Springsteen is insured for $ 6 million. It’s not so strange for celebrities to get insurance on the “cashiers”, but Lopez seems to be one of the few who didn’t.

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