Is Jeffree Star Still Dating Andre Marhold Amongst Kanye West Controversy?

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are reportedly separating. Although there has been a lot of tension between the stars, there are now rumors of what could have led to a split. And one of the strangest rumors surrounds the West and makeup artist Jeffree Star.

We’re not sure what exactly is going on between Star and West. And it also makes us wonder if Star is still going around basketball player Andre Marhold. Here is what we know.

Jeffree Star was reportedly the return of basketball star Andre Marhold

Jeffree star
Jeffree Star Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage

While Star loves to make up, he is also known for his public controversies. And his romantic love affair with Marhold seems to have been involved in enough drama.

Inside notes Star posted a photo to Marhold on his Instagram in August 2020. While Star appeared to be hiding who the person in the photo was, internet sleuths were confirming that the basketball player was was through his special arm tattoos.

Once the secret was out, Star posted other photos with Marhold, although Marhold’s online presence was private for months. Marhold’s fans, critics and exes were then balanced.

An Atlanta – based makeup artist accused Marhold ‘s dating before Marhold also made his relationship with Star about it to social media. And another woman claiming to be Marhold’s son’s mother wrote a post with an emotional feeling about the news.

Later, even more allegations surfaced that Marhold was married when he and Star came together. But Star took to social media to dismiss the rumors, saying, “I didn’t steal my working husband.”

Are Marhold and Star still together?

So did Marhold and Star ‘s friendship stand up to the whole drama? It doesn’t show that. according to Life & Style, Star took to Instagram Stories to tell someone close to his life that he didn’t think he was.

“Listen. I’m sure a lot of people can connect, but sometimes when you meet people… SURPRISE. It’s not what they say, “Star told Instagram Stories back in September 2020.” So I’ve been hanging out with someone. Just two adults having sex and chilling, nothing bad, but I was given a completely different person than who this man really was. “

Star then noted that some Louis Vuitton bags, backpacks, and sunglasses were missing. “This person is a mystery [had] without work, without money, without even a bank account, ”he continued.

Although Star noted that his personal belongings could have been replaced, it appeared that the theft was, in most cases, a breach of contract.

“Only two adults went the different way, but b * tch, can I get my sh * t back?” A star has come to an end. Marhold has denied the allegations, ged.

Rumors suggest that Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian West with Star

Now, there are rumors that West and Star had some kind of romantic fling while West was married to Kardashian West. Page six first reported that Kardashian West was filing for divorce. “This divorce is happening because Kim has grown up,” a source said. “It’s really hard to take the bar exam and be a lawyer, she’s really serious about her prison reform campaign. “

That’s not what one TikTok user suggested, though. TikTok winner Ava Louise released a video claiming a source close to what she said was West and Star blackouts. “Kanye has been associated with a famous beauty guru – a male beauty guru – many people in the scene have known for a while,” Louise said. She then said that “it was very good [source]She leaked that information.

We’re not sure if any of it is true, but we’ll definitely find out soon.

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