Is Britney Spears’ Favorite Color ‘Yellow’ Post a Cry for Help?

For the second time in months, singer Britney Spears posted on Instagram about liking the color yellow and some fans think this is a call for help.

Britney Spears
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“Why is yellow my favorite color !!!” she shared it Instagram in early August. “Really !? I’ve been into Yellow so lately! There would always be blue. A strange hub, ”replied a fan. Others flooded the post with comments about how yellow means she wants help.

She again posted about the color, this time after a judge rejected her request to remove her father as a custodian. “Yellow…. Hello…. What color do you prefer,” she said write along with a series of selfies. Fans again responded that Spears was reaching out for help.

Master Jamie Spears became his daughter’s keeper after a series of events in 2008. The pop singer has called for his removal in the last few years. Fans believe Spears’ control is against her will and they reach out for help.

What is behind the yellow color?

Fans think Spears’ favorite color is either blue or pink, which is why they raised an issue with the posts. They are also convinced that Spears has no control over her Instagram or that she uses the color to ask for help.

The yellow color many know it as the color of hope and happiness. But it is also a signal for caution. Behind the color may also be rage, betrayal, and egoism. Another resource suggests that the color indicates danger and a potential threat to the safety of the individual.

“Her custodians decide whether she works or not, because she can’t make contracts for herself because she’s not legally her own husband,” she said. the sites. “Britney Spears needs permission from her caretakers to leave her house or spend any money.” Fans created the hashtag #freebritney to generate support and awareness.

Friends have also been very enthusiastic about the arrangement. “I feel like an adult you should be able to live your life and not be in control,” said a friend of Paris Hilton Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen. “I think maybe that comes from being under so much control that I understand how that would feel and I can’t imagine right now if that was still happening to me. After just working all your life and working so hard, this is her image and I feel like she has no control over her life at all and I don’t think that’s fair. ”

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