Is Ariana Grande’s Relationship With Dalton Gomez Her Longest? Some Think She ‘Rushed’ Her Engagement

Singer Ariana Grande 2020 became an active woman. Her other important person, realtor Dalton Gomez, has been in her life for a while now. But some feel they have hurried to get involved. This is how their relationship compares to some of her previous ones.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez joined in 2020

Ariana Grande will attend the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA.
Ariana Grande will attend the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards on January 26, 2020, in Los Angeles, CA. | David Crotty / Patrick McMullan through Getty Images

In December 2020, Grande announced her pledge. She shared a series of photos on Instagram, writing, “forever n then some. Many congratulated her in public, including her mother, Joan Grande, who tweeted, “I am so happy to welcome Dalton Gomez into our family! Ariana, I love you and Dalton so much !!!! Here’s to it after all! ”

But for all those who support the pledge, others believe it happened too soon. “They’re very much in love right now, but friends think the connection was a bit hasty and they doubt the relationship will eventually be short-lived,” an anonymous source said. Entertainment tonight.

It is reported that they set a date for almost a year before getting involved

So when did Grande and Gomez come together? The singer has not confirmed this, but was first seen together at a bar outside Los Angeles in February 2020. Shortly afterwards, they began living together due to a pandemic coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Grande confirmed their relationship in May 2020.

The artist’s dedicated fans (known as Arianators) are used to seeing her paintings frequently and Instagram Stories along with other important people, as well as public appearances. While the latter spread the disease, Grande made a conscious choice to maintain her relationship with Gomez both personally and privately.

Only Grande’s relationship with Mac Miller was longer

One of Grande’s most famous relationships was with rapper Mac Miller. The two became friends early in their careers after working together. They started dating back in mid-2016, going public at the MTV Video Music Awards in August of that year. For the next year and a half, they were one of the most popular couples in music.

In May 2018, after just under two years together, Grande announced that she and Miller had separated. In her Instagram story, she named “one of my best friends in the whole world and my favorite people on the planet,” saying, “I am honored and respected to him without ceasing and I am thankful that I received him in my life in any form ”(via Account Board).

She and Pete Davidson set a date for less than a month before they got engaged

Grande single did not stay long. The same month she announced her separation with Miller, the singer confirmed her relationship with Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson. In June 2018, the pair went public with their pledge, which also came on the heels of Davidson’s breakup with writer Cazzie David.

When it comes to duties that might be considered a rush, it’s hard to find one who is better on the bill than Grande and Davidson. But this one was certainly not short-lived. In October 2018, news of Grande and Davidson’s bankruptcy made headlines. She later told me Vogue their time together was an “amazing attraction.”

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