‘Iron Mask’ Movie Review: Jackie Chan vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

If Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan had made a film together in 1998, it would have been at the height of the fame of both stars. Among iron they may be about 20 years too late for the fairweather fans. However, those who have never made waves will be happy to see them together. Schwarzenegger also played a part in Chan’s Around the World in 80 Days but this is more of a proper collaboration.

Jackie Chan Among Iron
Jackie Chan | Lions Gate

Among iron it’s an ensemble film, so it’s still not the Chan / Schwarzenegger vehicle that could have taken advantage of their strengths. Schwarzenegger and Chan are in the hard 50 minutes of the two-hour film, however. So it’s not feeding and turning.

Neither Jackie Chan nor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the man in the ‘Iron Mask’

In ancient times, there was a dragon whose eyes made the best tea. White witches looked over the dragon, but a group of greedy witches found themselves and took over. Hundreds of years later, Master (Chan) is one of the few remaining white wizards. He is also imprisoned in the Tower of London by a man in an iron mask (Yuriy Kolokolnkiov). The keeper of the prison is James T. Hook (Schwarzenegger) himself.

Among iron it’s like any CGI Hollywood festival, but has some real martial arts thrown in. Yao does a lot of action and she’s good, and big battles are full of Kung Fu. Some of the English conversation is not entirely compatible with the mouths of the actors, and the Chinese language is given to English. However, they seem to have invested their budget in visual rather than sound design.

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