Ireland Baldwin Says She’s Not Going To Answer Any More Questions About Hilaria Baldwin’s Background

Alec Baldwin’s daughter in Ireland is also caught in the drama that his stepmother Hilaria took her Spanish heritage.

Hilaria Thomas, Alec Baldwin, and Ireland Baldwin
Hilaria Thomas, Alec Baldwin, and Baldwin Ireland Photos by Sonia Moskowitz / Getty

Hilaria addressed the rumors on Instagram. “I’ve seen online chats questioning my identity and culture,” she said posted. “This is something I really embrace, and for those who ask— I will retell my story, as I have done many times before. I was born in Boston and grew up spending time with my family between Massachusetts and Spain. ”

Alec shadowed Leni Briscoe for tweeting about his wife’s background. “You have to honor Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to her ten-year arrest where she imitates a Spanish man,” Briscoe tweet on December 21. He said, “consider the source” in Instagram video posted on 28th December.

Baldwin Ireland defended his stepmother and family in her Instagram story

Ireland first mentioned the controversy in her Instagram story. “It’s so patient that anyone would want to play detective, and dig so deep into the life of someone they don’t know about, how they were raised,” she said. Page six reciting. “Who were they raised with? It’s just kinda sad and patient. ”

“It’s the holidays, and people are depressed, people are going through a lot,” she continued. “I know I go through a lot, personally. And the last thing we have to do is start sh * t and shout about something that is so, so silly. And about someone no one even knows. ”

She said she did not want sympathy. But Ireland believes this is her stepmother’s business and not her place to discuss it in public. She appreciates the direct messages but sees no reason for bullying. Ireland also said it sees the importance of education. But she apologized “for those dealing with any form of famine in those times. ”

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