Inside Michael Jackson’s Tragic Relationship With His Father

Michael Jackson was one of the most famous artists of his time. However, his build did not rise in the park, nevertheless he gained a reputation. Michael apparently had a strong relationship with his father, Joe Jackson, and it was not until years later that the public learned about what Joe was like as a parent.

Michael Jackson with his father, Joe Jackson, in 2005
Michael Jackson with his father, Joe Jackson, in 2005 | Win McNamee / Getty Images

Joe Jackson did not allow Michael Jackson to have friends as a child

Joe and his wife, Katherine Jackson, had 10 children, although their son Brandon died shortly after birth. Joe and Katherine raised their nine children hard, and rumors of Joe’s abuse of his children did not come to light after the children were much older. Joe’s son, Jermaine Jackson, wrote a memoir about the Jacksons, where he revealed his father’s actions. However, Jermaine justified much of what his father did.

Joe Jackson had been a blues artist who never made it big on his own. He wanted that success for his children, and shaped his aggressive parenting habits. Joe didn’t let the children get along when they were younger, including Michael, who was a member of his family band at such a young age that he never got a chance to make friends – even in his youngest school years. according to The Keeper, Joe would urge his sons to run for at least five hours a day, without giving them time to build relationships with people outside the immediate family.

Joe Jackson with his sons
Joe Jackson with his sons Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Joe is more likely to defeat his children if they are rude

The ban on socialization was simply scraping the surface of Joe’s actions towards his son. He would beat Michael with a tree branch if he was working on a lyric or dancing out of step, and there were no exceptions for his other sons, either.

The Guardian reports that Joe did not stop the abuse when the preparations came to an end. He reportedly abused his children with a belt buckle, burned them with a kettle of tea, and other severe punishments when out of line. The Jacksons’ reputation only got worse, if at all, because Joe was so involved in the idea of ​​success that it was almost impossible for him to be a normal parent. Jermaine recalled that a father never “chewed” his children or said “I love you.” ”

Michael Jackson and Joe Jackson
Michael Jackson and Joe Jackson Photographer / WireImage)

Joe gave Michael a twist on the nose

There have long been rumors about Michael Jackson’s nose and the large number of surgeries reported to make him look special. Michael began to develop confusion around his nose from a young age, and once his father became aware, he began to mock his son’s appearance. He even named Big Nose for short, which prompted Michael to start covering his nose with his face whenever he could.

Michael claims to have had only two rhinoplasties in his lifetime, but according to Allure, one medical expert said, according to Jackson ‘s nose, it was closer to 20. There were even rumors that Jackson had to wear a prosthetic nose after so many surgeries that there was no way to remove a nose hold on to face.

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