Inside Jada Pinkett Smith’s Intense Workout Routine

When Jada Pinkett Smith first exploded on the scene in 1990 with her work there True colors and A different world, we had no idea we would see the Baltimore-born actor for the next 30 years. The actor / singer has remained a major staple in Hollywood, appearing in films such as Am Matrix and Girls Tour and now, hosting her hit talk show, Red Table Conversation.

Despite the decades that have passed and now that Pinkett Smith and her husband, Will Smith, have adult children Lyric Jason the actor is not of age. Although she has a relatively strict diet, much of the actor ‘s youthful cry has to do with intense exercise.

Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Corbis tro Getty Images

This is how Jada Pinkett Smith is still so young

While she has amazing genetics and access to the best skincare and sneakers in the world, Pinkett Smith has said that her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, has set her the best example. of what it means to live so young.

Pinkett Smith said about her mother and Red Table Conversation co-hosting has been a great motivator for her. “My mother keeps such a young spirit. She is young at heart, ”she said The Show today. “She takes good care of herself. We both do. Eating well, exercising, drinking water. We’re both really into it. ”

However, eating well and exercising are also key components of Pinkett Smith’s healthy lifestyle.

Jada Pinkett Smith does not eat for pleasure

While she admits pizza and French fries like the rest of us, Pinkett Smith rarely eats for pleasure. Instead, the Set it an actor focusing on nourishing her body. As a result, she stays away from all red meats, including pork and beef, she also limits her sugar altogether.

While many of us love sugar sweets, Pinkett Smith revealed that too much sugar was being taken on an emotional roller coaster. Instead, her diet includes eggs, brown rice, fruits and vegetables, salmon, and nuts. Unfortunately, none of this is really interesting. When Pinkett Smith admits to herself, she ramps up her exercise routine to counteract.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s exercise practice is intense

Pinkett Smith has shared many of her works openly on social media. She has shown her fans her intense yoga technique, cardio, and HITT sessions with her trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, and much more. At 49, Pinkett Smith has not slowed down.

The actor’s philosophy is to work out to be sustainable. “Everyone thinks you have to be in the gym for an hour and a half. Literally, I’m never in the gym for more than 45 minutes, ”she said BET. “Just be consistent – that’s it! It certainly doesn’t have to be intense, and you’ll see a difference. Just get out of your house and walk well! ”

In addition to working out during the day, Pinkett Smith, Banfield-Jones, and Willow often get together in the evening for yoga sessions to end the day. “I usually do my yoga at home in the evening for about an hour,” says Pinkett Smith Women’s Health.

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