Inside Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra’s Explosive Affair and Marriage

From Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner to Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe, Hollywood has its fair share of smart issues that have made a huge impact on the industry. While we are now more familiar with more conventional scandals such as the Khloé Kardashian triangle, Tristan Thompson, and Jordyn Woods, some Hollywood classic cases were much younger.

Sinatra and Gardner ‘s red hot relationship was a myth. It was full of silver shoes, lies, and deception. Here’s what went down between the actor and music legend.

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner
Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner Library of Congress

Frank Sinatra was happy with Ava Gardner before they even met

Sinatra married his first wife, Nancy, in 1931. However, when he was very successful, he had no interest in becoming a father or a stable man. By the 1940s, even before they met in person, he had been pregnant with Gardner, who was the main star of MGM.

Before the superstitions even met, the entertainment saw a picture of The barefoot Contessa star and told friends, “I’m going to marry that woman.” The Bay 11 the actor was not bothered with divorce before he and Gardner began their relationship.

The pair began dating back in 1949 and were first seen in public in 1950 at dinner. In 1951, Sinatra’s first wife divorced him and he married The Killers actor days later. He told Gardner through Vintage News, “All my life, being a singer has been the most important thing in the world, now you all want it. ”

Ava Gardner saved Frank Sinatra’s career

By the time Gardner and Sinatra married in 1951, the career of the singer “Come Fly With Me” had declined. MGM had terminated his contract and had been out of work for some time.

“Frank was smooth when we tied the knot,” Gardner said Vanity Fair. “I don’t know where these stories came from that the Mafia was paying attention to. They should be. But the… Family was not visible when he needed them. ”

Deceived by envy and pain, the legendary singer engaged in brutal fights with his wife and attempted suicide three times. However, Gardner tried everything she could to save her husband, eventually reviving his career as she pulled strings to get him a screen test. From here to eternity.

The film eventually restored Sinatra’s career. However, the confusion and uproar on both sides did not stop.

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner ‘s marriage was volatile

Although Sinatra was regaining his foundation before the end of the marriage, the legal straw was reportedly Gardner ‘s second shortcoming. “I’m afraid you won’t come back from here. What I have done is so terrible, ”she said. The show boat the actress was convinced that her relationship was too volatile to have children.

The pair split up in 1957, and despite the turmoil of the relationship, they seemed to fall in love with each other to the end. Gardner Sinatra reportedly declared the love of her life. When Gardner died in 1990, Sinatra was incredible. “I should be there for her,” it was reported.

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