‘Inception’: Leonardo DiCaprio Believes His Character ‘Got Back To Reality’ At End of Film — ‘I Had To Make My Own Choice on That One’

Christopher Nolan’s groundbreaking 2010 film, First, is one of the most memorable cliffhanger endings in recent film history. With no clear intention, it’s hard to say whether Leonardo DiCaprio’s character ever made it back to his children.

However, DiCaprio itself reappeared in 2014 Variety interview that he thinks his character brought him back to reality.

Leonardo DiCaprio believes his ‘Inception’ character made it home

Leonardo DiCaprio
LR) Director Christopher Nolan, actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Ken Watanabe | Jun Sato / WireImage

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One of the most debated stories in the movie world is the end of Nolan First. Opinions are divided on whether DiCaprio’s character, Dominick Cobb, made it back to the children in the last scene.

In the film, DiCaprio is finally seen walking towards his children while his totem spins and flies behind him. Since the film cuts to black before it stops spinning, it’s not known if Cobb is dreaming or not. DiCaprio himself believes that his character made it back home for his children.

“I had an explanation of my own, and that was that I got back to reality,” DiCaprio said. “I had to make my own choice on that one, yes. ”

Christopher Nolan deliberately made the ‘Inception’ ambiguous

Even though DiCaprio has his own opinion on the last of the film, he made sure to remind people that the ending was deliberately left out.

“But of course it was established from the beginning that there is a Christian – I don’t want to give anything away, but there should be ambiguity,” DiCaprio said. “You know, you have the right to take what you want out of that limit. ”

Christopher Nolan continues to develop the ‘Inception’ masterpiece

Nolan is known for being secretive with his productions. He rarely shares any information about his work with the public, or his peers. DiCaprio remembered how secretive the early stages of it were Firstthere was improvement.

“I read the script, it was kind of a completely secret script,” DiCaprio said. “… I think he took this screenshot many years in advance, even before Batan, previously Dark Knight, then sort of reworked it again. … ”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan worked hard to develop DiCaprio’s character

After reading the script, DiCaprio and Nolan delve deep into DiCaprio’s character, working to find out who he is.

“For both of us, it was a matter of finding the character within that,” DiCaprio said. “And we got to sit down for two months and that kind of thing, taking out all sorts of subplots of… my character who has this… life in his own subconscious with his wife, where there was almost his complete relationship in another life went on, but all in his mind. ”

A ‘start’ is about a man who is trying to get back into his family

It’s easy to get caught up in the brilliant visual effects and the dense indoor subplots First, but the story of the film is quite simple. At the heart of the work is the film about a man who tries his best to get his children back home.

DiCaprio and Nolan both felt that was an important part of the film’s narration.

“That was what was really important for both of us in the pre-production process, to bring that news story into what we can within the kind of amazing matrix of amazing material that Chris did that in that film, ”said DiCaprio. “It’s inspiring, which he pulled off in that film.”

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