Ina Garten’s Thanksgiving Table Setting Tips Use Ingredients From the Grocery Store to Create Simple, Elegant Table Decor

Ina Garten is known for its focus on making the cooking process easy, even following store-bought ingredients so cooking isn’t too complicated. When it comes to her ideas regarding the setting of a Thanksgiving table, Garten also keeps it simple, finding ingredients to create a beautiful table without going overboard.

Ina Garten Show on Sunday Today 2018
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Ina Garten sets a beautiful Thanksgiving table

Garten showed her idea for a simple 2017 Thanksgiving Day decoration Instagram post, writing, “It’s never too early to design your Thanksgiving board! It doesn’t have to be flexible, but at this time of year I like a bit of color and one beautiful plate to style the setting. ”

The video showed a colorful autumn tablecloth, simple white blankets with a decorated gold plated plate, silverware, and glasses of drink and wine. Garten spread candles for a flicker of light and warmth and connected the table along with a floral arrangement center that coordinated with the color scheme.

Ina Garten uses store-purchased materials for its tabletop options

While a floral centerpiece is a decorative piece for many tables, that’s not Garten’s only decorative movement. She also buys products at the grocery store to create beautiful table settings.

During a Contessa barefooted program, Garten explains the “three back pocket table settings that I can pull together in no time with ingredients from the grocery store. ”

First up is her orange tulip table setting, which draws inspiration from – you did – orange tulips. She covers the table with a waterproof puzzle before using a simple toned taupe tablecloth, then covers it with white plates (in this case, a square for a modern taste), silver knives, and wine glasses.

The table gets its pop of color from the orange blossoms, arranged in drinking glasses (she suggests an odd number of floral arrangements) placed down the center of the table. The places have an orange napkin for matching and, for an extra shower of oranges, she includes plates of clementines between the flowers. She spreads small voting candles to fill the center of the table, explaining, “they really add a spark.”

Garten’s “final touch” is to use pumpkin-shaped biscuits decorated with guest names like the name cards!

Garten tables feature seasonal ingredients and edible elements

Garten’s other two table settings include food items – one uses pumpkins as the main heart and the other edible items for its guests.

The Barefoot Contessa picks up pumpkins from the grocery store in different sizes to put together in the middle of a table set with a bright white tablecloth. She uses an “elegant gray plate” in all situations that “add a little polish” and simple glasses and knives, as she explains, which is less is more. “Garten also uses gray napkins that coordinate with the plates.

She puts voters with white candles (they were never fragrant, she notes, since she doesn’t want the smell to compete with the food) and then puts the pumpkins down the middle of the table. An extra orange shower at Garten comes from the season’s favorite candy – silver bowls of candy corn.

Her final view on table setting uses food as a mainstay, which she calls “the easiest table setting of all. “Garten explains,” I’m just going to get some tasty things to serve with coffee and make them down the middle of the table. “

A dessert table setting starts with runners she has placed on the table, simple white plates, napkins, knives and glasses. She puts voting candles down the venue for a “sparkle” and then sends guests a mix of delicious foods to sparkle out – chocolate-covered caramels with sea salt, pears, clementines, cereals – on pedals and foot plates.

“The decoration is the dessert,” Garten explains.

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