Ina Garten Reveals What She Eats When She Doesn’t Feel Like Cooking

Ina Garten may have a shelf full of Barefoot Contessa’s famous cookbooks and a popular Food Network show, but that doesn’t mean it always feels like cooking. Garten shared the two things she always falls back on when she’s not just feeling up to the task of making food.

Ina Garten attends the book 'The Barefoot Contessa' signed in 2008
Ina Garten | Michael Bezjian / WireImage

Ina Garten turns into two easy meals when she’s not into cooking

Garten has created so many wonderful recipes during her cooking career, but that doesn’t mean she’s always in the mood to pull together delicious food. Sometimes she just relies on easy choices when she wants something warm and satisfying but she doesn’t want to put much effort into it.

In a December 11 conversation with Katie Couric, she was asked by a fan, “What do you eat when you don’t feel like cooking? ”

A go-to? “A bowl of oatmeal,” she said. “That’s my favorite. This is what I have for breakfast every morning. ”

She continued, “If I don’t feel like cooking or have too much work to do and I want something very satisfying, either soup – I always have soup in the freezer, I make big pots of soup and put a lot of it away – or a bowl of oatmeal. Just something so warm and satisfying. “

She uses this method to take it out of a cooking pit

During their conversation, Couric also asked Garten a question about how the Barefoot Contessa manages to continue to inspire in the kitchen.

When asked, “Will you ever get into cooking pans and what’s the best way out ?,” Garten says she keeps it simple.

“Yes, I’m sure,” she admitted. She suggested “starting with roast chicken” because “dinner is the easiest you can make and it ‘s so delicious. ”She said she tossed vegetables, herbs, and lemon in with the chicken and baked it.

“I think the best thing about cookbooks is to find someone you like and just go through… find something that looks tasty that you really enjoy and then do that. I think that’s a good way. ”

“That’s what I do, even with my own books,” she said.

Ina Garten will always be on those pantry products purchased in store for a quick dinner

As well as oatmeal and ready-made soup, Garten shared in a September 2020 interview with Food & wine that it has some pantry staples which means a quick dinner is always just two ingredients that a store buys away. She always keeps bags of salt pasta and packets of pasta purchased in store.

“Because you have to make dinner every night, and you can’t always go buy it,” Garten said of getting those pantry staples. “I like to keep shops so low, so if I have a lot of pasta sauce and pastas, I can always make dinner. ”

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