Ina Garten Reveals the First Recipes She’ll Serve Post-Pandemic; 1 Took Her Years to Perfect

While Ina Garten is currently sharing recipes for the upcoming Micro Thanksgiving, she has already started thinking about the first things she cooks after a pandemic. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Garten has chosen to rethink the way she makes Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of hosting a large gathering, the celebrity chef only makes dinner for four. But that doesn’t mean she’s showering on the tasty recipes.

Ina Garten talks about recipe and cooking
Ina Garten | Brad Barket / Getty Images for the New Yorker

Ina Garten is having a Thanksgiving Micro dinner

Garten’s loyal fans are flipping over the recipes that she will be cooking for Turkey Day. One look at her Twitter page leaves fans salty over the delicious food she’s planning for the holidays. Gartin has shared that the theme of his Micro Thanksgiving is classic recipes with a twist. The celebrity chef’s menu includes dishes like potato-fennel gratin (instead of mashed potatoes), vertic haricots with hazelnuts & dill, and herb, and apple bread desserts. It is clear that although Garten may receive less Thanksgiving than usual, she still expects to deliver quality recipes.

‘Barefoot Contessa’ star shares her first recipes after a pandemic

While Garten is making the most of a less-than-appropriate situation with her Micro Thanksgiving, she’s already started thinking about the day when things will be back to normal and she can cook for her loved ones without the restrictions of coronavirus. But what recipes will Garten give her friends and family when the world returns to normal? In an interview with NPR, the author received a candid about her dreams after a pandemic.

“I will say something very happy,” Garten said. “I’ll have lunch outside, a lobster Cobb salad and a sister of frozen lime. Or maybe this is the time to make the Boston cream pie featured in this book, which is just amazing. See, that’s the sort of thing – it’s what I made that made me think of Boston cream pie, which is a vanilla cake with vanilla cream and chocolate filling. I mean, it’s okay. You know, it’s vanilla and chocolate, but it’s not very interesting and interesting. ”

Boston cream pie features in chef’s new cookbook, ‘Modern Comfort Food’

Garten continued to share how she revived the recipe for Boston cream pie for her latest cookbook, Modern comfort food. “And so I decided to cover each of the layers with something that was either orange zest, Grand Marnier or cognac,” said the chef. “And those things really added to the layers of chocolate and vanilla, orange and cognac. They just made it really, really special. ”

Of course, dreaming of such a special pie was no small feat. In fact, it took Garten nearly eight years before she completed her Boston Cream pie recipe enough to fit into her latest cookbook. In an interview with HuffPost, Gaten shared that the pan needed fine balance and there was plenty of room for error.

Why was Boston cream pie so challenging for Garten to make perfect

“Balancing the texture of the cake with the flavor of the cake with the cream of the pastry in the middle and then getting the right chocolate – sometimes one flavor gets the better of another,” Garten said of the recipe back in 2018. “Sometimes the cake is too thick. Or the filling could run out. There are so many different things that need to go right for it to be good, and I’m close but I’m not there yet. ”

Luckily for Garten, and for his fans, the chef was able to perfect her Boston Cream Pie recipe. While we have no idea when it will be safe for Garten to host the post-pandemic celebration festival, we are already jealous of people on the guest list.

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