Ina Garten Makes a Meal Out of a Charcuterie Board When She Doesn’t Want to Cook

Ina Garten has a perfect meal that can be put together when you don’t feel like cooking, but still want something special. Garten has been praised when cooking or ordering takeout isn’t appealing and fans can take a leaf from her and her husband Jeffrey – they pair a charcuterie table with salad and a glass of wine and it’s amazing in its all the way.

Jeffrey and Ina Garten attend Alvin Ailey’s American Dance Theater Opening Night Gala
Jeffrey and Ina Garten Jim Spellman / WireImage

Jeffrey and Ina Garten’s easy food solution is the solution when you don’t want to cook

When you don’t feel like prepping and cooking a great meal and ordering it out isn’t appealing, Garten suggested something pretty easy that requires very little effort.

In an interview with NPR’s 1A, fans had holiday-related questions for Garten, with one asking, “What would you do for a holiday meal if you didn’t really feel like cooking, but couldn’t to bring with you for ordering or premade restaurant food? Which food is the easiest to make? ”

“Jeffrey and I did something the other night that was really fun, I make a big charcuterie platter and a big salad,” replied the Barefoot Contessa. I made cheeses and prosciutto and salami and clementines and chutney and cheddar and I made a great green salad, which was basically arugula with lemon vinaigrette. ”

“And we had a great dinner. And a glass of wine, ”she said. “It was completely put together, it never turned on the stove and it felt great, so maybe that’s a good idea. “

Ina Garten offered suggestions for a charcuterie cheese board

At the appearance of October 2020 on the Today presentation, Garten talked about how you don’t have to take over a cheese board.

“You can go into your pantry and see what you have,” Garten explained. “I always like something right in the middle like a block, and then I put things around, colored things like apricots. I have two different crevices, one cream, one blue. ”

She also suggested combining elements like color for the most beautiful form. “I often think people plant apricots everywhere and then they plant figs everywhere, but you want to make blocks of dye and then it looks very elegant, ”she said.

Garten also noted that, during the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19), he was burned out on the cooking of all foods. “At some point, I couldn’t do it now,” she said. “I thought, ‘I can’t cook breakfast, lunch and dinner and still do my job. ‘So I said to Jeffrey, we have to accept it, and it changed my life.’

She makes a more elegant charcuterie board with 1 simple addition

During the 2018 section on The Chew, Garten showed how to start on her cheese board with green leaves as a base, then using a mixture of cheeses.

“What I always find is a mix of shapes and colors and flavors,” Garten explained. “They are all different so everyone has to choose.”

She said, “One of the main things I’ve always learned is to put a piece of cheese on it that hasn’t been cut, if it’s not open, no one will make the first cut.”

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