Ian Somerhalder Admitted the 1 Thing About Nikki Reed That Annoys Him the Most

Countless vampire sex fans are enthralled by the romance in between The Vampire’s Diary visual director Ian Somerhalder and The Twilight Saga star Nikki Reed. To the delight of the fans, Somerhalder opened up about their marriage, introducing one thing about his partner who is harassing him.

Nikki Reed
Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images for Eco-Age Ltd.

Ian Somerhalder opened his marriage to Nikki Reed

Back in 2019, Elle Magazine’s Trap tart they welcomed Somerhalder to the reception. While visiting the YouTube series, the actor discovered details about his personal and professional life.

He opened the video with a humorous welcome, saying, “I’m Ian Somerhalder, and I’m here to pour it on Elle Trap tart. The old TV vampire went over a swagger while sitting in a studio decorated to look like a moving bar. On the counter in front of it was a row of cocktail and mocktail pictures.

“I have 10 questions and 10 hits,” Somerhalder explained about the Trap tart rules. “The crazier the question, the crazier the drink. I can answer each question honestly or throw one back. At that point, the A-lister began to crack through a stack of issues printed on Elle’s chic notecards.

Somerhalder admitted 1 thing that is misleading about Reed

    Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder
Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder CHRIS DELMAS / AFP via Getty Images

Trap tart replace Somerhalder with a doozy of question. The star read out, “What is the one thing about Nikki that bothers you the most.”

In a priceless response, Somerhalder admitted, “Everyone has always said, she is always right. Something tells me that’s what a lot of men are saying. ”Since answering the question, Somerhalder sided with the drink associated with the subject. However, he took a whiff to satisfy his curiosity.

“Ooh, I’m so glad I decided to answer this. That is Tabasco liquid. For the record, Somerhalder was lucky enough to grab a cocktail of ginger ale and hot sauce.

Somerhalder did not simply admit that her husband is “always right. Earlier in the interview, he unknowingly admitted to an argument that ended with Reed admitting he was right. “Never buy a machine without asking your wife first,” Somerhalder warned.

“I bought a second washing machine to put in the kitchen, but I didn’t ask my wife about it, said the actor. “And, you can’t do that, folks. That was an argument, and she won, ’cause it was smarter.’

The actor refused to answer 2 questions about his wife and took the penalty blows instead

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While Somerhalder was relatively open to topics about his marriage to Reed through the video clip, he turned away from one or two sensitive topics. Reading from the explosive notecard, he said, “Does it make you uncomfortable to watch Nikki ‘s movie? Thirteen, thinking about the content and the age she was at the time of filming? ”

Without missing a beat, the actor said, “That’s full of worms I’m just… you had to open with a jackhammer.”

Before seizing the penalty, Somerhalder noticed a “floating object” in the glass. However, he adhered to the rules of the challenge and put down the secret drink. With a scowl, he said, “It was pickle juice. ”

Later in the video, Trap tart he challenged Somerhalder to name his favorite smallest film starring Reed. Wisely, he didn’t talk to that subject either. Instead he grabbed the next drink by line, which he compared to a split pea soup. After finishing the swill, Somerhalder said, “That’s great. That’s like cabbage and good green stuff. It may be a little old, but I think guys grabbed me. If it is old, it may contain probiotics. ”

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