‘I Love Lucy’: Why Lucille Ball Wore Black on Her Wedding Day

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were married in 1940. Ball wore a black dress at his wedding. Here is what the I Love Lucy a star said about her unusual fashion choice.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz got into a big fight before their wedding

Desi Arnaz and Ball Lucille  Bettmann / Contributor / Getty Photos
Desi Arnaz and Ball Lucille Bettmann / Contributor / Getty Photos

As Ball’s career grew, she had to travel more. For one of her business trips, she had to leave New York and travel to Milwaukee for a few media shows. Unfortunately, Ball’s trip to Milwaukee took longer than expected. Instead of one day, her trip was extended for five days, delaying her trip back to New York.

Before the plans changed, Ball promised Arnaz that she would return to New York so that they could talk about their relationship further. However, when her plans changed, Arnaz was angry. According to Ball, he made an angry call every night and asked when she was returning to New York. He even accused him of cheating on a famous actor.

Why would Lucille Ball wear a black ball on her wedding day?

Ball Lucille |  Alexis Waldeck / Conde Nast tro Getty Images
Ball Lucille | Alexis Waldeck / Conde Nast tro Getty Images

Ball decided to hurry back to New York. She was so desperate that she disappeared without the bags in which she was clothed. She told her helper that she could follow him the next day and bring clothes with her. What Ball didn’t know was that she would get married hours later.

Ball later learned that Arnaz was angry because he was secretly trying to plan an escape and his plans were delayed. However, it was too late for Ball to try to get her dressed. She arrived at her hotel early in the morning and the next morning she was married.

Ball says she only wore black woolen clothes. She did not sink as she was not properly dressed until she was about to fall asleep. A Member said she was “fit to be tied up,” once she realized she had to get married in the woolen dress she had been wearing all day.

How Desi Arnaz felt about Lucille Ball ‘s black dress

What was Arnaz thinking about the bride wearing black? Ball said Arnaz was so happy to be married that he didn’t even realize what she was wearing. He was aiming to get to the altar and start their life together. Ball said he was “too eager” to notice her black ensemble.

Arnaz and Member assured the judge of the five-day waiting period and the requirement to waive a health check until they married promptly. Everything was in place, but Arnaz forgot to buy a wedding ring, so his business manager ran into Woolworth’s and bought a bronze ring. He later bought her a platinum ring, but Ball said she would keep the bronze ring among her jewels for years.

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