‘I Love Lucy’: The Sad Reason Lucille Ball Referred To Desi Arnaz as Jekyll and Hyde

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were one of the most famous couples in Hollywood. When they split in 1960 after being together for 20 years, I Love Lucy fans were devastated. But Ball could no longer tolerate Arnaz’s behavior (the drinking and infidelity).

Ball Lucille and Desi Arnaz
Ball Lucille and Desi Arnaz Archive photos / images Getty

Why did Lucille Ball think of Desi Arnaz as Jekyll and Hyde

It was no great mystery that Arnaz was impatient for Ball. The couple’s ex-girlfriend, Lucie Arnaz, spoke to the Chicago Tribune about her father’s disloyalty.

“My father loved women, and Latin American countries have a completely different code of ethics,” she said.

Whatever the reason, a Member could not be with an impatient spouse. She even compared her ex-husband Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde, the double main character from the gothic novel of Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, Jekyll Hyde’s weird case.

Although Lucie did not want her parents to separate, she said she understood their decision, even then. They had been fighting a lot.

“Maybe part of me fully understood because we had heard the arguments and that wasn’t fun either,” she said. “But it was sad. It was very hard. And I didn’t want my dad out of the house. He was out of the house enough. I didn’t want it to go any further. ”

Fortunately, after everyone had cooled off, Ball and Arnaz became close friends after their separation. They stayed close for the rest of their lives.

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