Hugh Grant Told His Future ‘Two Weeks Notice’ Co-Star Sandra Bullock a ‘Disgusting’ Story When They First Met

Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock were a classic rom-com twin in the 2002 film Two weeks notice. In the film, Grant plays a billion-dollar real estate developer named George who hires Lucy (Bullock), a liberal lawyer, to work at his firm. But after she got tired of his requests, she stopped – but soon found out that the two could not live without each other.

Two weeks notice charming filmmakers and it was a box office hit. But Grant and Bullock had a rocky start to their relationship, with the Do nothing actor once admitted that when he first met Astar star, he told a story that made her not talk to him for years.

Hugh Grant wanted to work with Sandra Bullock

Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant at the premiere of Two Weeks Notice | Kevin Winter / ImageDirect

In the 1990s, both Grant and Bullock made a name for themselves as comedians. Rom-coms headlines as Four weddings and funerals and Notting Hill (with Julia Roberts), while Bullock appeared in films such as While you were asleep and Manipulative magic. So it was only natural that Hollywood would want the pair together on screen.

“We had been dying to do something for ages, making a film, that is, I had been watching Sandy for years and thinking, ‘That’s the girl she should be for me to be making films BBC in 2003.

Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock certainly didn’t hit

A meeting was arranged between the two actors. But it didn’t go exactly as expected.

“We first met about five years ago and Hollywood called it a ‘relationship meeting,’ where you talk about the opportunity to work together,” Grant recalled. That’s when he put his foot in his mouth in a big way.

“I told Sandy a very embarrassing story, which I think she turned around, left the room, and I didn’t hear from her three years later,” he said.

The two actors became best friends

Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant
Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant in Photos by Michael Buckner / Getty

Grant did not explain the story he told Bullock that made her run for the mountains. But apparently, despite their strange first meeting, they kept things up. They worked together for the first time Two weeks notice, and before the film came out, they were friends.

“We got on well. Very good, ”Grant told the UK newspaper Express. He said they were “laughing so hard” while making the film, to the point where it disturbed the crew.

“It has that effect on me, the kind of friend that someone at school had with him, you can’t look at them because it makes you laugh,” he said.

For her part, Bullock was not afraid to pull some tricks on her co-star, she told the paper. At one point, she stole his phone, on which one of his close friends was, and pretended Grant was in the hospital.

“I probably called him that night and I said, ‘Ah, we need your help, Hugh is in hospital,'” she said. “So you have to be on your guard, but it’s more fun to be a friend.”

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