Huge Parts of Mariah Carey’s Life Are Missing From Her Memoir

Mariah Carey is one of the most famous names in music history. The beloved pop star amazed the world with her elegant voice and amazing range, hitting notes that most singers could only dream of.

Her latest memoir is just hitting the shelves, and fans are desperately throwing away every word about the singer’s turbulent but successful life. Carey talks a lot about her childhood, her family and her career, but she leaves out interesting details that her fans would be happy to read about.

Mariah Carey’s incredible talent led to an incredible career

Mariah Carey will be lighting the Empire State Building in celebration of the 25th anniversary of 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' at the Empire State Building on December 17, 2019 in New York City.
Mariah Carey | God Dipasupil / Getty Images

Carey is a talented musician which has left its mark on the music industry in a way that many other singers do not. Her interest in music started at a very young age – at just four years old, the little diva started taking voice lessons.

After graduating from high school, Carey moved to Manhattan to pursue a music career. She worked a number of daily chores, using her evenings to work on songwriting and finding her big break. That big break came thanks to a party hosted by CBS Records.

Carey was present at the party with her friend, Brenda Starr. Starr encouraged her to bring her demo tape to execs at Columbia Records, and when Tommy Mottola heard her beautiful voice, he immediately signed her. When her debut album was released in 1990, Carey immediately became a pop princess.

Since the release of that self – titled album, Carey has grown into a pop image. Throughout her career, she has won numerous awards, including prestigious honors such as Billboard, Grammy, American Music, and World Music Awards. She also brought her talents to the big screen, starring in films like Tennessee, Precious, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, and Girls Tour.

Mariah Carey’s memory reveals a lot

Carey’s memory is full of memories of her childhood and musical career, but it is missing very few important parts of her life that fans expected to read about. She had little to say about her marriage to Nick Cannon, her notoriety on New Year’s Eve in 2016, or her bipolar judgment.

Also missing from the memory is her relationship with Eminem and the time she spent in the hospital after a mental breakdown.

Carey married actor Nick Cannon in 2008. The couple had a twin, Monroe and Moraccan, in 2011. They married right after they started dating, but Cannon has said they always were getting on well and never having communication issues. According to the actor, they eventually fell apart and decided to divorce because it would be better for their children.

In an interview with 2018 with People, Carey talked about her bipolar disorder. She was discovered in 2001 after being hospitalized for depression. The star was too hospital in 2016, after a psychosocial event in which she thought Prince, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston were coming to dinner.

Fans wanted to know more about Carey’s “relationship” with Eminem (which he confirmed in 2002 Rolling Stone interview), but the singer remains silent on the subject.

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