How V From BTS Earned His ‘Good Boy’ Nickname

He is an award-winning singer, dancer and songwriter. Whether fans believe it or not, V often refers to himself as “Good Boy. How did this BTS member get the nickname? What other nicknames do fans call him? Here is what we know about Kim Taehyung.

V and J-Hope of BTS will attend 102.7 Jingle Ball 2019 at KIIS FM
V and J-Hope of BTS will attend 102.7 Jingle Ball 2019 KIIS FM | Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic for iHeartMedia

V often refers to himself as a ‘good boy’

Together, these seven artists make up the largest boy band in the world. Kim Taehyung’s real name, V is one of the singers and dancers in BTS, appearing on award-winning songs such as “Boy With Luv” and “Dynamite”. ”

Whether performing under the platform name or their proper names, these BTS members have earned a few nicknames since their inception. Some BTS members even use a pick-up line while importing themselves overseas.

For J-Hope, that says “I am your hope, you are my hope.” For Jin, that calls him “Worldwide Handsome,” (which he is.) For V, often when he introduces it, he said “I’m a good boy. “Although” Good Boy “has nothing to do with the name of the stage, some fans still refer to him by this nickname.

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Why is the nickname V ‘good boy?’

He is a singer and dancer but V earned this nickname, and has since referred to himself as “Good Boy,” because of his love for BTS ARMY. Of course, some fans agree with this nickname, because sometimes it is dark and mysterious.

“He’s a good boy, that’s the nickname ARMY gave him. But we all know that he is not one since he plays with our emotions beyond his appearance, ”one said Quora user mocked.

In April 2020, Tiktok challenged, inspired by this iconic tagline. according to All K-pop, hundreds of users would attach an audio clip of Kim Taehyung ‘s voice saying, “My name is V… I’m a good boy” to their posts.

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V earned a few other nicknames from BTS fans

“Good Boy” was not the only nickname for this BTS singer and dancer. Because of his imagery, some fans gave him the nickname CGV, which is a combination of the words “Computer Graphics” and “V,” making him so elegant that he is un- true. Others refer to him as “Gucci Boy” because of this love for the brand.

In addition to his work with BTS members, V sometimes releases solo music under the same platform name. That includes his English song and music song titled “Winter Bear. “Since its release, the video has garnered over 60 million plays on the Spotify platform.

In 2020, just in time for Christmas, V released a solo song by Peakboy, titled “Snow Flower.” The music video “Life Goes On” by BTS, as well as the songs “Winter Bear” and “Snow Flower” are now available on YouTube.

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