How ‘This Is Us’ Is Working Around Mandy Moore’s Pregnancy

This is us one of the most popular plays on television, a show that takes fans on an emotional roller coaster, week after week. The series has been on the air since 2016 and has garnered rave reviews.

Today, the show is as popular as ever and has re-established actors like Mandy Moore as key forces considered in the entertainment arena.

Moore, who rose to prominence as a teenage icon in the early 2000s, recently announced an unknown pregnancy. Fortunately, showrunners for This is us they have plans to give her a place.

Mandy Moore’s rise to stardom

Mandy Moore at the first look of 'Midway'
Mandy Moore at the premiere of ‘Midway’ | Frazer Harrison / Getty Photos

Moore was he was born in New Hampshire in 1984. As a child, Moore moved with her family to Florida. It was there that Moore developed her love of performance, showing a talent for singing and dancing at a very young age. She began working in local theater productions and made a name for herself around the Orlando area by performing the National Anthem at several famous events.

At the age of 13, Moore began writing songs and was signed to a recording label shortly thereafter. Her first album, So True, released in 1999, puts Moore on the pop-culture map.

By the time of her second album, Candy, released, Moore was a teenager. In the years that followed her musical success, Moore began to explore her acting talents, appearing in films such as The Princess’s Diary and A trip for memory.

Mandy Moore enjoys career revival on ‘This Is Us’

Mandy Moore as Rebecca on Season 4 'This Is Us'
Mandy Moore as Rebecca on ‘This Is Us’ | Ron Batzdorff / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Throughout the 2000s, Moore continued to work in the entertainment industry, acting as well as singing. Over time, Moore began to focus more on her music projects, citing music as her true inspiration and passion.

Around the year 2010, Moore took a step back from acting. Although she still appeared occasionally, it wasn’t until 2016 that her star was revived.

In September 2016, Moore began appearing in the television series This is us. Like Rebecca Pearson, Moore painstakingly portrayed a woman through many stages of her life.

The series revived Moore as a star, and she has received many awards and honors as a result of her work on the series. She has won two Screen Actors Guild awards for Outstanding Achievement with an Ensemble in a Drama Series, and in 2019, the actress starred on Hollywood’s Reputation Trail.

How does ‘This Is Us’ work around Mandy Moore’s pregnancy?

As Moore’s professional career has prospered, so has her personal life.

In 2015, Moore began dating musician Taylor Goldsmith. The couple engaged in September 2017 and were married just over a year later, in November 2018. After two years of marital bliss, Moore announced in September 2020 that she and Goldsmith are expecting their first child.

While fans cheered for her, many wondered how she would continue filming This is us how her pregnancy progressed. Still, series creator Dan Fogelman recently announced that plans are in place to replace Moore.

“We have not changed our plan,” he said. “We are just working on Mandy from time to time. Among the many challenges of this production season (during the COVID-19 pandemic), this is not a major challenge. ”

Fogelman also joked that when Moore painted the old version of Rebecca, “she would have something difficult to explain.” Fans will soon be able to find new events This is us, and more of Moore ‘s excellent acting.

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