How Much Does Betty White Make From ‘The Golden Girls’ Reruns?

It is almost 30 years since the last original program of The Golden Girls broadcast on NBC. As the series draws to a close, the beloved comedy is alive and well and so fans will never have to miss Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia.

Golden’s last surviving daughter, Betty White, is still benefiting from the program. Here is what she earns each year from the valuable conversions.

The team of 'The Golden Girls'
The team of ‘Na Caileagan Òir’ | Gary Null / NBCU Photo Bank

Betty White has been on television since the media debuted in the US

Betty White and Rue McClanahan in a scene from 'The Golden Girls'
Betty White and Rue McClanahan in a scene from ‘The Golden Girls’ | Joseph Del Valle / NBCU Photo Bank

There have been many amazing series in Betty White’s career, including Life With Elizabeth, Mary Tyler Moore Exhibition, and of course, The Golden Girls with Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty.

While she is largely known today as Betty White, a comedian, her game show chops are just as good.

She has appeared over the years on introductory shows Hollywood Squares, Password, Game maids, in fact, What’s my line ?, and I have found secrecy.

“I started out as an actor in the industry,” White told the American Television Archive in 1997, “but then I did game shows and talk shows. I became a ‘television personality.’ So it surprised everyone. “Why, Betty can be in action, isn’t that amazing?”

Betty White on how America’s sense of humor has changed in her 80 years as an actress

In an interview with 2012 with The Sydney Morning Herald, White spoke about her long-term career and whether she thinks the definition of ‘humor’ has changed for Americans over the years.

“Audiences have definitely changed, because when I started in television it was when television started,” she explained. “It was all special, new and exciting. Over the years, naturally the audience has heard all the jokes, they know every building, they know where you are going even before you start.

“This is a difficult audience to write and wonder, so the writers have a real job to do now. Yes, there are new audiences, children growing up, but they are a very solemn audience. ”

What Betty White gains from reruns of ‘The Golden Girls’

once upon a time The Golden Girls reached its seventh season in 1992, Bea Arthur, who died in 2009, announced she wanted out of the show.

The show could not have gone on without Arthur and the remixes continued earnestly and will remain today.

After the Maude The show’s star, White, McClanahan, and Getty sold out in their own series, The Golden Palace. In the new comedy the women were getting together on a hotel business.

Unfortunately, the golden magic had disappeared and the three coasters went their separate ways.

Betty White has done well for herself in terms of earning from the show. according to Collider, the actor reports $ 3 million a year straight from The Golden Girls‘reruns.

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