How Many Times Was Carrie Fisher Married?

Carrie Fisher became a star after taking over the role of Princess Leia Star Wars. Over the years, Fisher continued to work in Hollywood as an actor and writer. She also often opened up about her substance abuse and living with bipolar disorder. Many of Fisher ‘s experiences were recorded in her award books.

Fisher’s romantic life also became a source of inspiration for her fans. The star had many obvious relationships before she died in December 2016. However, not all of Fisher’s girlfriends made her change her famous last name.

Carrie Fisher attends Marina Rinaldi launching a new dining machine on July 3, 2014 in London, England.
Carrie Fisher | David M. Benett / Getty Images for Marina Rinaldi

A look into the history of Carrie Fisher’s behavior

Previously Star Wars, Fisher grew up about famous people all her life. Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds’ daughter had little experience in relationships until they joined the group. Star Wars thrown. The film allowed her to go out on her own to London for three months. It was there that she met Harrison Ford for the first time. The constellations had a secret relationship while shooting Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope. When the experience came to an end, the two actors kept what happened to themselves until November 2016. One month before she died, Fisher released a reminder, Princess Diarist. The book contains Fisher’s diaries kept about Ford.

After the divorce, Fisher and Simon lived each other’s lives. The pair followed so far before they finally parted.

“Paul and I were dated for six years, married for two, separated for one,” she said. “Then we had a good memory of each other, so what do you think we did? We never remarried. We dated again. That’s exactly what you want to do after you’re married and separated. ”

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