How Many Times Has Jason Aldean Been Married?

There is an old joke about country music that says, “What do you get when you play a country song back? You get your house back, your wife back and your truck back. “While this joke is a generalization about country music, it is true that many country songs talk about lost love and many country musicians have a complex love life.

While Johnny Cash and June Carter have such enduring love stories, other well – known country artists such as Tammy Wynette, Blake Shelton, and Miranda Lambert have written music touching on lost love and the pain of divorce. Jason Aldean is a country star with an exciting love life. He has more than one partner and has few children from the relationships in which he has been. But how many times has he been married?

Jason Aldean | Kevin Winter / Getty images

Jason Aldean has been making music for decades

Jason Aldean has been a big name since the mid-2000s, although he started playing music at least a decade earlier. Inspired by seeing country music awards on TV, he started playing music in high school, and did many local shows and venues.

After high school, Aldean had some rough beginnings in music. While he continued to perform and even moved to Nashville to try to make it big, it took him a few years before he was able to make a lasting deal and release his self-titled record. The album was a huge success and launched him to a success that would keep him entertained.

Over the years, Aldean’s style has changed and evolved, but his songs remain catchy. The singer has also dealt with a horrific tragedy – in Las Vegas’ s horrific shooting in 2017, his show was the focus. But he is still moving forward as a musician to this day, with a new single released in April 2020.

Aldean’s first marriage

Aldean has been married twice. His first marriage was in 2001 to a woman named Jessica Ann Ussery. according to Thang country every day, the two were high school sweethearts, and had two daughters together named Keeley and Kendyl. Jessica Aldean largely stays out of the public eye. Today, her Instagram account is private, and she lives with her new husband and children out of public view. But why did she and Aldean separate?

A relationship that led to marriage

Sometime in 2012, Jason Aldean began an additional relationship with American Idol rival Brittany Kerr. Apparently, the two tried to keep this relationship a secret, but it didn’t work out. Paparazzi burned pictures of the couple together in a Hollywood bar, which forced Aldean and Jessica Ussery to divorce in 2013, citing “incredible differences” as the reason for the divorce. After this divorce, however, Aldean and Kerr decided to announce the relationship publicly.

In 2015, the couple married. This marriage has survived, and the couple has two children together: Memphis, born in 2017, and Navy Rome, born in 2019. Wales is very active on social media, too. While Jason Aldean continues to be a huge success in the country, Wales has nearly 2 million Instagram followers and various advertising deals and deals.

Jason Aldean’s wedding may have had a rocky start right now. However, his current marriage to Brittany appears to be happy and stable. The fact that it started out may be a controversial relationship for some, however, it seems like everyone was happy forever after – Aldean’s first wife is happy with her private life and Brittany and Jason are happy together!

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