How ‘John Wick’ Villain Daniel Bernhardt Added Martial Arts to Sci-Fi ‘Skylin3s’

Fans of hard martial arts have been following Daniel Bernhardt since the ’90s. Bernhardt was the star of the series to Blood sports. He still works in martial arts films, looking away against the stars John of Wick, Atomic Blonde and Barry. He even managed to fight martial arts Skylin3s, an alien attack sci-fi film.

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Bernhardt spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet over the phone about his role in Skylin3s. He shared what he, fighting coordinator Cha-Lee Yoon and director of the second unit Can Aydin are coming up for the climate fight. Skylin3s now available on VOD.

Daniel Bernhardt kicked ‘John Wick’ to ‘Skylin3s’

In John of Wick Bernhardt Kirill, one of many assassins, played out to get Wick (Keanu Reeves). In Skylin3s, Bernhardt plays Alpha Team leader Owens taking the fight back to an alien alien country. Most of the tasks there’s a military explosion of monsters, but you don’t hire Bernhardt and don’t let him kick.

“Liam [O’Donnell], who is an amazing leader to work with, very capable, ”said Bernhardt. “He introduced a second unit commander who is a good friend of mine and gave us all the freedom we needed to fight. He gave us the kind of direction he was looking for and then we went to see him, me and my friend, No, who was the combat coordinator. ”

The ‘Skylin3s’ fight was not very similar to the ‘John Wick’ fight.

In John of Wick, Reeves must overcome Bernhardt ‘s hard kicks. Yoon had a different opinion for the Skylin3s fight, Owens would see Yoon fighting himself.

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For Skylin3s, Yoon modified the fighting style to account for the difference between himself and Bernhardt.

“He’s a lot shorter than me so we decided, instead of being a kicking fight, to do more fighting, fighting Kung Fu which was a real sport,” Bernhardt said. “Then of course I kicked a little bit but it’s a habit. It’s a prediction, a good fight dance, that’s what it’s all about. ”

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