How Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford Would ‘Haunt Each Other Every Day’

Carrie Fisher revealed in 2016 that she had a relationship with Harrison Ford. In her last memory, Princess Diarist, she said, the sexual relationship happened while filming Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope. After being folded up, Fisher and Ford parted ways and remained friends over the years.

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher on Fifth Ave outside The Plaza Hotel.  They were in town for the movie "Star Wars."
Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher Richard Corkery / NY Daily News Archive

One month before her death, Fisher shared details of the memorial in several interviews.

Carrie Fisher’s Harrison Ford was ‘entirely at his mercy’ while they were engaged, according to her recollection

Fisher and Ford’s relationship began in the back of his studio car. While Fisher was out with some team members from Star Wars, she ran into a Ford. Ford apparently noticed that she drank too much and pulled her away from the crowd. Once alone, Fisher said she was kissed by Ford, who started the stand “three months, one night. ”

Annad NPR interview, Fisher said her relationship with Ford surprised her just as it was Star Wars fans. Before Ford kissed her, she said she didn’t think romantically of him. Because of age and experience, Fisher thought Ford would see her as another young actor.

“I did not choose him,” she said. I mean, I didn’t crush on it. You know, this kind of thing – I wasn’t even embarrassed to click on that. I thought it was out of my range if I even thought about it. He was much older than me, and he was married. ”

Although Ford intimidated her, Fisher said it was easier to work with him once they started the connection.

“I think it made us more comfortable together,” Fisher said. “I think it made me more capable. Even though I was insecure, we had a relationship, so there was something to base security on. ”

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