‘His Dark Materials’ Star Dafne Keen Recalls Feeling ‘Insecure’ During Her ‘Logan’ Audition

Dafne Keen returns as Lyra Belacqua on Season 2 of the HBO fantasy series, Its dark materials. At the young age of 15, Keen is a seasoned actor. But she recently recalled how anxious she felt when she heard about her upcoming career at Marvel. Logan.

Dafne Keen at a painting 'His Dark Materials' in Madrid, Spain
Dafne Keen at ‘His Dark Materials’ in Madrid, Spain | Portraits of Samuel de Roman / Getty

Dafne Keen began her career in 2014

The daughter of British actor William Keen and Galician actor / writer / director María Fernández Ache, Keen, began working at a very young age. At the age of 9, the Spanish-born actress appeared with her father in a BBC series, The Refugees.

Then, after a two-year hiatus, Keen landed Wolverine’s daughter, Laura, in Hugh Jackman’s final X-Men film, Logan. At the time, the film’s director, James Mangold, praised Keen as “an amazing child. ”

“Dafne Keen was 11 when we were shooting,” he said Digital spy. “Her parents are actors, and she’s very new. Very physically capable. Incredibly talented as an actor. I mean, it was a real danger for Fox to let me make a film where the third point of the triangle was built on someone so young. ”

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“It was a worldwide study to find someone who was bilingual because I wanted a Latina child – someone aged 10 to 12, who was a believable child,” said Mangold.

“I didn’t want a young woman in the film; I wanted her to be a child, and to feel like a child – She is an 11-year-old girl equipped with all the movements, instability, mood swings, shadows, and potential violence. at our hero. ”

Dafne Keen felt ‘Uncertain’ about her ‘Logan’ lab

In an interview with Deadline, Keen recalled her experiences hearing for Logan. She said she did not think she was developed enough to get the job at the time.

“It was very deceptive,” said Keene. “Honestly, when I did the auditions, I was very insecure, because I remember I went in, and there was this beautiful, blond, American girl. [auditioning]. I came in with a tiny 11-year-old Latina girl and I thought, “I’m not going to get it” —and I got it. “

Keen’s Logan her career has won numerous awards and accolades. In 2017, she won an MTV Movie and TV award for Best Duo, which she embraced and shared with Jackman. And in 2018, she picked up an Empire award for Best Female Newcomer.

The ‘His Dark Materials’ star is becoming an actor

Keen is currently a star in season 2 of HBO’s Its dark materials. Her character, Lyra Belacqua, is still her most complex character. And while speaking to Time, the young actress noticed that she had to hide in her craft.

“Getting into Laura was very different from getting into Lyra,” Keene explained. “But I believe now that I’m older – and my mum is pushing me to work harder and harder, the older I get – I feel like I’m working harder hard to think of the character. ”

“When I was little, I would walk on a set, and the character would grow, but now, I think about more,” she continued. “I’m not a polite actor. I really like mod actors, but I don’t have many things on my mind, just to keep the character’s continuity. ”

Quarter 2 of Its dark materials currently on HBO. New events take place weekly, on Mondays, at 9pm EST.

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