‘Hart of Dixie’: Rachel Bilson Once Pranked a Co-Star With a Cold Sore After On-Screen Kiss

From Jane the Virgin to Riverdale, the CW definitely know how to deliver a series with a heart romance. Hart of Dixie, by Rachel Bilson, no doubt. It delivered four seasons of love and heartbreak triangles, with fans hanging on every minute of Zoe Hart’s title character and friendship Wade. Bilson was probably trying some way of acting when she took the off-screen drama, spouting her co-star Wilson Bethel after a romantic scene.

‘Hart of Dixie’ features big people in a small town

Hart to Dixie It premiered on the CW in 2011 and looked at viewer screens until 2015. Although its first season received mixed reviews, they still garnered nearly two million viewers. view and receive nominations for both the People’s and Teenagers ’Choice Awards. It’s popular to understand – following a city girl who moves to a small town, there’s sure to be a side to which everyone can connect.

After Zoe Hart failed in a nursing alliance in New York, she moved to Bluebell, Alabama. She possesses a unique family habit, and the inclusion of patients depends on her ability to connect with locals. Unfortunately, a city girl lifestyle and a complex love life often get in her way. Things heat up a lot when she starts making contact with her neighbor, Wade… but it’s hard to figure out your feelings and fight to get in at the same time.

The OCRachel Bilson is Zoe, and her boyfriend Wade is found again in American actor Wilson Bethel. Ged Hart to Dixie lighter than Bethel’s previous duties Daredevil and The young and the rest, it has not been without its fair share of scares.

Nothing turns down the heat like a cold sore

Rachel Bilson will attend the 2018 Baby2Baby Gala presented by Paul Mitchell at 3LABS on November 10, 2018 in Culver City, California.
Raonaid Bilson | Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

There are likely to be some everyday friendships in filming and on-screen companionship. It’s no surprise to hear that the actors are behind it Hart to Dixie made a connection as if they were friends of the villages.

according to TheThings, pranks were one of the best ways for people to show respect. One day, Bilson decided to prove that her acting skills extended beyond her Hart to Dixie part, and duped Bethel meticulously. Apparently, after their characters Zoe and Wade got a kiss on screen, Bilson texted Bethel a picture of a fake cold sore.

Needless to say, Bethel seemed worried that he and Bilson had shared so much more than a kiss. Despite her bad comments, however, the team seems to have survived the drama.

Fans are hoping the team will stick together

There are faces The Hart of Dixie they remained so close that fans were still optimistic about a reunion, even though the show was canceled in 2015. In an interview with 2020 with Pop Culture, Bilson said that she is just as passionate about reviving as members of her audience. Conversations in their member group conversation often revolve around the general desire to return to Bluebell, although it seems that there is no official plan yet.

While many viewers were devastated when the show was removed from Netflix in December, this may be the first step toward season five. With what has now happened away from the streaming giant, there is an opportunity for another network to claim rights and follow the saga. Unwilling to turn down the opportunity, Bethel contacted HBO Max on Twitter.

It is clear that he does not harbor too many harsh feelings about that cold, painful picture. While HBO hasn’t responded to Bethel’s challenge yet, we’ll hold out hope for a 2021 full of Zoe, Bluebell, and maybe a few more pranks!

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