Gwen Stefani Finally Gives Fans an Up-Close Look at Her Massive $800k Engagement Ring From Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton delighted fans last month when they finally announced their connection after five years of dating. The couple shared the news via Instagram posts featuring a photo of the couple kissing while Stefani put his left hand to the camera. The pick didn’t give fans the best impression of the singer’s diamond engagement ring. She finally offered a closer look at Nov. 15 while supporting Shelton at the People’s Choice Awards.

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Why doesn’t Gwen Stefani wear her engagement ring in new episodes of ‘The Voice’

Stefani and Shelton both appear in season 19 of NBC’s singing competition The Voice. However, fans who had hoped to get a glimpse of Stefani ‘s engagement ring in recent times have been lucky.

Mar Entertainment tonight noting, NBC recently fired the blind hearings and rounds of battles before Stefani and Shelton announced the connection. The mother of three doesn’t wear her ring in those times, but she still has plenty of bling.

In the first few events, Stefani has worn old outfit Dulce Bestia and a bejeweled Zuhair Murad top, inspired by Egypt. She complemented her look with personalized necklaces that read “Shelton” and “Stefani.”

Stefani explained Zuhair Murad’s top with jean cutoff shorts, fishnet stockings, and high-heeled boots on Instagram. In one photo, Stefani is standing next to Shelton while the suit is outside. In the caption she wrote, “Me and this man ♥ ️. ”

Fans are hoping that when the first program goes live after the Rand Knockout, Stefani will mock her new diamond polish.

Fans got a closer look at the engagement ring at the People’s Choice Awards

When Stefani announced her connection to Shelton in October, she kept the headline short and to the point.

“@Elkeshelton yes, look! 💍🙏🏻 gx, ”Stefani wrote.

Sharing the same photo of the couple kissing while Stefani showered his left hand to the camera, Shelton wrote in his caption that Stefani saved his life.

“Hey @gwenstefani thanks for saving my 2020… And the rest of my life .. I love you. I heard THA! ”Shelton said.

A few weeks later, Stefani gave fans a closer look at her ring. On November 15, Stefani posted a selfie video on her Instagram Stories that she showed up in a car on the way to the People’s Choice Awards. The 51-year-old was wearing a mask while she explained that Shelton was entering because he was a nominee. Stefani stayed behind, but was there for moral support.

“So basically I have to stay in the car because of COVID but I’m here to support Blake in case he wins,” she said as she pointed off the big square diamond.

Blake Shelton’s Gwen Stefani wedding engagement ring was specially designed

Page six reporting that Shelton saved no cost when it came to Stefani’s engagement ring. Shelton reportedly praised Stefani while the couple were at his Oklahoma range sometime during quarantine. The country music superstar was also specially designed with the ring.

“Gwen’s ring seems to feature a classic, six-prong setting with a six to nine carat solitaire diamond set on a gold or platinum white band,” explained SVP Brilliant Earth of merchandising and sales expansion, Kathryn Money. “Depending on the quality and unique properties of the centerpiece, we estimate that the cost of the ring is approximately $ 500,000 +. ”

According to Blue Zile CMO Katie Zimmerman, the ring might be worth even more. She explained that Stefani’s ring appears to be a round or oval diamond “set in the position of a simple solitaire or pavé platinum.”

Since the stone in the center almost reaches Stefani ‘s center peg, Zimmerman estimated that the weight of Stefani’ s ring was between eight and ten carats. Depending on the color and brightness of the diamonds, she estimates the value of the ring to be between $ 700,000 and $ 800,000.

Recent events of The Voice Monday and Tuesday night airs on NBC.

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