‘Grey’s Anatomy’: What Will Happen to Jo and Jackson in Season 17? The Characters Shocked Everyone in the Premiere

Still talking to E! News, Luddington was tightening the expectations of fans from Jo onwards Anatomy Gray Season 17. But for now, Jo ‘s upcoming trip to Jackson may or may not have anything to do with it, as the actress prevented her character from navigating through a single life.

“I was wondering how we never saw a single Jo,” Luddington said. “I am excited as an actress to play in this new life of being a single girl. What does Jo Wilson look like in singles? What is she like going around? I want to see that, and I’m excited to play that. ”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, Luddington revealed what Anatomy Gray fans can expected from Jo and Jackson in season 17.

“What I’m sharing is that I think it’s the seed of friendship anyway, because I think they’ve shared something close, even though it didn’t go very well. long way, ”said Luddingnton. “I think they were both very vulnerable at the time. ”

The actor also said that everyone must follow someone in the middle of the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

“I think, at COVID, too, you have to put pressure on people,” Luddington said. “I think you’ll see them start looking for that, at least, in each other.”

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