‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Kim Raver Says Chris Carmack (Link) Wrote ‘Teddy and Owen’s Song’

Just one day before Anatomy Gray The season 17 premiere, co-stars Kim Raver and Chris Carmack (almost) met to inspire a new project of Carmack. And naturally, they also considered the new season. Find out how the two came together perfectly because of one idea from Raver.

Kim Raver appears in ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ as Teddy Altman

Kevin McKidd and Kim Raver in 'Gray's Anatomy'
Kevin McKidd and Kim Raver in ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ | Christopher Willard / ABC through Getty Images

Raver i Anatomy Gray for the first time in season 6. She plays Teddy Altman, a cardiothoracic surgeon who served with Owen Hunt while both were doctors in the army after 911. Teddy arrives in Seattle, in love with Owen, but is with Cristina Yang. They separate as friends after that, but Owen realizes that he loves her.

After Owen and Teddy sleep together, she finds out she’s pregnant and returns to Seattle looking for work so she and Owen can raise their baby together. They start going backwards, and Owen recommends. However, Teddy is deceived by his ex, Tom Koracick. Season 16 came to an end when Owen learned of the relationship and suspended the wedding.

Chris Carmack features Atticus “Link” Lincoln

Chris Carmack in 'Gray's Anatomy'
Chris Carmack in ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ | Gilles Mingasson / ABC through Getty Images

Carmack is one of the new main members Anatomy Gray. He entered season 15 as Link, an orthopedic surgeon. When Link reached the Gray Sloan Memorial, he developed a crisis over Meredith Gray, and although she considered going back, she did not return his feelings.

Link began an unrelated fling with Amelia Shepherd after she and her husband, Owen, separated. Amelia finds out she is pregnant with a baby and is not sure who the father is. She and Link become more dangerous, and a DNA test confirms that the baby belongs to them. Amelia gives birth to a baby boy in the last 16 seasons.

Carmack played a song for Raver on Instagram Live

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Many members of the scene are friendly. This seems to be true for Carmack and Raver. Raver hosted Instagram Live on November 11, 2020. She was joined by Carmack and his wife, Erin Slaver, promoting their band’s new EP (Life with Eris, a mix of their names) Stone-stone.

The musicians joined the EP’s title song. “It’s about trying to break through the stone wall of a relationship,” Carmack said. When they had finished, Raver shouted, “Oh my god, boys – this is a Teddy and Owen song!” But some fans complained. “They’re like‘ Yeah or, ‘get a fake Teddy,’ ”Raver replied. “I know she did, I know! I’m trying to fix it! ”

Their views on ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ Season 17

Raver and Carmack also answered some fan questions about season 17. “It’s a very special season,” Raver said. “Dealing with something that we are universal, worldwide dealing with… I find it very mobile and something that brings us together,” she said of COVID-19 . “We’re not just telling a story. We are alive. ”

Carmack agreed. “I think the stories are going to connect at a whole new level this year,” he said. They also talked about the usual Anatomy Gray drama is still present. “I think I was quietly approaching myself during some Zoom readings,” Carmack said.

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