Ginger Alden Said Her Fights With Elvis Presley Would Get ‘Blown Up’: ‘Many People Were Afraid to Lose Their Job by Saying No to Him’

While Elvis Presley had the most recognizable relationship with ex-wife Priscilla Presley, we cannot forget that he was involved with Ginger Alden when he died. Alden loved the King and has written her own memoir of her relationship with him. And she has also spoken widely about what has been said about her in the community.

In an old interview, Alden noted that her arguments with Presley would be “exploded” if others were above her. Here is what she said.

Ginger Alden had major changes with Elvis Presley

Ginger Alden, wife of Elvis Presley
Ginger Alden, fiancée Elvis Presley | Anwar Hussein / Getty Images

It’s not easy going back with the man known as the king of rock ‘n’ roll. And Alden talked about a number of worrying situations with Presley that could have been put in harm’s way. Once, she noticed a change about yogurt that caused him to pull out a gun and shoot very close to her head.

At the time, Presley wanted more yogurt – and Alden told him he could have no more. “I don’t think you need more yoghurt,” she said. She then fell asleep, but Presley was upset with the finish. He fired a 57 Magnum pistol and hit the headboard of her bed while she was asleep. He called the shot a “receiver.”

Alden described this event in his memory, Elvis & Ginger. And this was not the only time Presley pointed a gun, as she noticed he was also running outside his home with a machine gun.

Alden once said that her fights with Presley would get an ‘explosion’ if others heard of it

Ginger Alden
Ginger Alden | Anwar Hussein / Getty Images

Apparently many close to Alden and Presley wondered what the relationship was like. While their differences were certain, Alden made sure everyone knew that there was a lot of love and support between them. And in an interview in 1980, she also noted that any of her fights that other people nearby had been “exploded” by the media.

“I wanted everything to be all right when we got married,” Alden added the interview. “I wanted to sort things out beforehand. At times, our minor disagreements exploded. One person would hear it and they would blow it up. ‘See, she’s upset for him. She said no. ”

Alden then said that some thought that telling Presley “no” from time to time looked like they had a bad relationship, but that was not true. “I think I was one of the few who said no. … I think so many people were scared to lose their jobs by saying no. ”

There was a lot of talk about Presley’s bad temple

Elvis Presley with his girlfriend Linda Thompson and family
Elvis Presley with his girlfriend Linda Thompson and family | Jim James – PA Images / PA Images via Getty Images

Alden is far from the first to describe Presley’s poor temple and dominant personality. A former Presley employee stole photos belonging to Presley that showed one of his girlfriends performing a sexual act with another woman. When Presley found out his employee had stolen them, he overcame him.

“The humorous side of Elvis’ personality, dedicated to defending women’s dignity and fame, was inspired to be a very angry, violent response,” Presley’s ex-boyfriend Linda Thompson wrote in her book A little life called life.

While Alden and Presley certainly had their differences, Alden seems to have been more disturbed by media attention than Presley ever did. All in all, she wants everyone to know that there was a ton of love between her and Presley, and that was the most important thing.

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